Movies today are getting bigger. Bigger budgets, bigger advertising, and bigger stakes. That being said they’re also reaping bigger rewards. With profit margins going up and studios producing bankable blockbuster films for us to enjoy, we are seeing box office records broken seemingly every month. 2015 is no exception, in fact this year we might see more box office records fall than ever before. It would seem that the emergence of the new breed of super-hero films, starting with Iron Man in 2008, has very much to due with this new golden age of film we’re encountering. We see better and better technology come out every year, making CG apes come to life, and bringing us the forefront of foreign galaxies and new worlds. Everything just feels so much more surrealy cinematic. Going to the movies has become an experience, and it’s this very experience that inspired me to start this blog. Films now a days aren’t just shooting for a few hundred million in profits, but instead, larger franchises are looking for returns over a billion dollars. To date, the year with the most billion dollar box office films is 2012. We saw Avengers, Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall all gross over a billion worldwide in one year. This a truly an impressive feat that surely would not be duplicated again, I mean a billion dollars is a lot of money (just ask Dr. Evil) right? That being said 2015 appears to be the year that can edge out 2012. By my estimate there are up to 6 films that, if great, can topple that billion dollar marker. Below is a list of those films.


Furious 7

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Release date: 04/03/2015

After just two weeks, Furious 7 has brought in over 800 million dollars worldwide. that’s two weeks people! There is no question this giant will cross that billion dollar threshold.


Avengers; Age of Ultron


Release date: 05/01/2015

Is anyone really doubting that this film will explode the box office. The first Avengers film made over a billion, and the fact that it was a great movie will only help its sequel cash in.


Jurassic World


Release date: 06/12/2015

It’s the Jurassic Park sequel we’ve been dying to see. We are in the age of the Pratt, Chris Pratt is king and we finally get to see the park open it’s doors to the public. This film is in the borderline, but if it’s really good, people will go back for repeat viewings.





Despicable Me 2 joined the billion dollar club, and the Minions are beloved little yellow creatures that have kids clamoring to see their stand alone feature. There’s little doubt this delightful film will push that boundary and potentially join the club with it’s predecessor.




Release date: 10/06/2015

The latest installment in the James Bond franchise has real potential. Like Minions it is following up a film that had just joined the billion dollar club. If done well it’s a safe bet Spectre will be there.


Star Wars episode 8; The Force Awakens


Release date: 12/18/2015

I mean come on, it’s freaking Star Wars.

Dark Horse films: outside shot at the billion dollar club.

The Hunger Games; MockingJay part 2

Mad Max Fury Road


Terminator Genisys

All of these films have a real shot. The good news is that whether these films make it or not, we have still been given an extremely impressive onslaught of cinematic adventures to experience. Drop a comment let me know which ones you think will or won’t make a billion and let me know if I left anything out!