21 jump

Sony is in a deep deep hole, and it seems like they are going to throw the kitchen sink at their problems. Remember a few months back when Sony was hacked and their emails were spilled to the internet airing out all of their dirty laundry? Well in case you didn’t read any of those have been living under a rock, there was murmurs of 21 Jump Street and Men in Black crossover. Yes that is a real thing that was discussed via email by the geniuses that have run Sony into the ground. Since the emails though, there was never any confirmation or even validation that that was a legitimate possibility, that news just kind of came and went without a thought. Well good news (or bad depending on how you look at it), there are now reports that the two projects are headed for a collision course!

21 jump4Not only are those two completely unrelated films crossing paths but its also reported that there will be a female laiden 21 Jump Street spin off. Trackingboard.com first broke the news about the two stories which was later thewrap.com expanding on the situation. The wrap elaborating stating that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller along with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were all backing the cross over.

Regarding the female 21 Jump Street, sure why not. Look Jump street was fantastic and 22 Jump Street was actually almost better than the first, so why not make a shared universe with women instead of Hill and Tatum. The only fear there is that it will just be the same thing just with women. Then again 22 Jump Street did play off the whole same thing joke extremely well, so who are we to think that a female version wouldn’t be able to do the same thing. The other strange bit is that it’s said that Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson is rumored to be attached to the female 21 Jump Street. To that I say why? Why sign on someone who isn’t really a comedic actress coming off of an awful performance in an even worse movie? There are so many talented young comedic actresses who deserve a shot at the big screen, so if Dakota Johnson really is attached to this project then i probably won’t be super excited about it.

As far as the Jump Street MIB crossover is concerned, what the he21 jump2ll is Sony thinking? These two franchises don’t seem like they’re in remotely the same universe, so how do they crossover without it becoming just a big dumb joke? From what I’ve heard it just sounds like the Tatum and Hill characters will just be joining the Men in Black instead of having them cross over with Smith and Jones from the originals. While that is a slight relief I can’t help but think that is only because Will Smith wouldn’t be caught dead in a cheesey franchise crossover.

What matters most is how much Lord and Miller will actually be involved in these universes. If they spear head the whole thing then I would have to give them the benefit of the doubt. If they have nothing to do with the scripts and are just glorified producers then count me out. At this point, until we get some images or a trailer, I’m selling these ludicrous ideas that Sony is putting together out of desperation.

What do you guys out in Bro Nation think? You like the idea of a big shared universe for these films? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion!