So It’s now official! The new Deadpool film has gone into production. You might be asking why do you care? or who is Deadpool? Well bro, Deadpool is one of the most badass anti-heroes this side of Wolverine. Known as “The Merc With a Mouth” he is armed to the teeth with gadgets like James Bond, has regenerative powers like Wolverine, and a vocabulary like a drunk sailor just hitting the shore on leave. If you’re a comic book fan, you’re likely already excited for this film, if you’re not, I venture to say you’ll likely still enjoy, if you like action, gore, and advanced sarcasm the likes of which you’ve never seen in a “super hero” movie before. If you don’t know anything about the upcoming blockbuster movie then let me break down some reasons to get excited for a Deadpool feature.


5) The Leaked Deadpool Test Footage

Right after last years Comic-Con in San Diego The above test footage leaked to the internet. The footage, featuring Reynolds voice, was meant for studios in an attempt to pitch the idea of a full length film. Now that it is green lit, I find it hard to believe the leak was an accident, but never the less it’s still pretty awesome. The test footage will give you a very narrow view of the character as a whole and provide you with some insight into what you’ll be seeing a lot more of on the big screen. If this footage tickles your fancy and is any indication as to what we may see in the live action version then count me in.


4) The Comic Book Industry Could Use a Satire


Part of the fun of the Deadpool character is that he breaks the 4th wall (he openly speaks to the audience and is aware he’s a comic book character). This presents some opportunities where Fox could advantageously poke fun at the genre as a whole. The fact is, comic book franchises have taken a bit of a darker more serious path, and Deadpool could shed some delightful light hearted fun on the whole thing. Deadpool has a rare opportunity to be both incredibly funny and also epically action-packed. Plus who wouldn’t want to see an end credits scene where Deadpool ruthlessly mocks end credit scenes.


3) Ryan Reynolds Is Both Talented and Very Dedicated to This Character.. And Needs a Hit


Seriously? The “Merc With a Mouth” with no freaking mouth?!

There is no denying that Reynolds has had a rough go of it the last couple of years. First there was that awful rendition of this very character in that tragedy of a movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Then of course Green Lantern (which I still debate he was solid in), and who can forget the Men In Black rip off R.I.P.D. All that said, Reynolds is a fan of the source material and has been Advocating this film for years, so you know he’ll sink all he’s got into the role to make the best movie he can. Reynolds seems the perfect fit for the character, known for his quick wit and ripped physique, he’s like a less douchey Robert Downey Jr. with abs!


2) All The Images From The Set Look Incredible

deadpool4 deadpool6 deadpool5

The above images of Reynolds on set tell us a couple of things. Firstly, They corrected the mistakes the first Wolverine stand alone made (like taking off the mouth, from the merc with a mouth!). The image showing a burnt face Ryan Reynolds reveals a truer version of the source material. Plus the test footage scene appears to actually be incorporated in the movie! So the footage that helped convince the studios to green light the film is making it’s way on screen in all it’s live action glory. The suit looks fantastic and the mo-cap markers around the eyes show that, while the suit is on they will use some CGI to make his facial expressions more pronounced, which seems legit to me.

1) It’s Rated R

If you’re not a fan of the comics then this one might not seemingly be all that important to you, but trust me this is the best news ever! Deadpool is a foul mouthed killing machine and to water him down with a PG-13 rating would seem like a travesty. Reynolds, again, was a big advocate for an R rating, and that would make this the first big marvel film with a hard R. The idea that you will get to see the real true merc with a mouth uncensored just feels too good to be true.

So there you have it Bros, 5 reasons to be excited about the upcoming Deadpool movie. If you don’t know the character just picture Tony Stark (Iron Man) mixed with Wolverine, and a little John McClane (Bruce Willis in Die Hard) sprinkled in. If done well this movie has incredible potential. Be on the lookout for more Deadpool news and images and other movie news and reviews, For The Bros.