The first day of Comic-Con has come and gone and my oh my was it a doozy! last night was only preview night but we still got some fantastic insights into some properties that are sure to entice and excite. First on the docket is the much anticipated Batman v Superman. Thanks to Frosty over at Collider we have our first truly solid images of the Armored Batsuit that Affleck uses to fight the Man of Steel.

Check out the images here!!

ccbat ccbat1 ccbat2 ccbat3 ccbat4 ccbat5

Wow! Those look incredible, it’s also been virtually confirmed that the suit above will be laced with Kryptonite making it possible for Bat to take on the all powerful being that is Superman. The suit looks great and it’s pretty amazing to see it up close and personal on the showroom floor at comic-con. If this is the type of info we get from preview night then just imagine what we’ll get when DC and Warner Bros take on hall H and give us a full on presentation. Till Saturday the preview is all we have but there is no question that the suit and these photos are awesome and help build excitement for the big show this weekend.

So what do you guys think of he images? You like the suit? You excited for the upcoming Batman v Superman? Be sure to keep checking back to Bro Knows to catch the newest updates from Comic-Con!