Author: Eric Fetterman

Bro Knows Exclusive With ‘Dogged’ Director – Richard Rowntree at The Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

The Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival has come to an end. This year, Bro Knows had the pleasure to watch and subsequently review over thirty feature films. One of the favorites and one of the most highly rated (click here for our review!), was Dogged. Directed by first time feature filmmaker, Richard Rowntree, this little folk horror packs a major punch. With so much subtext and a brilliant visual scope, Rowntree captures lightning in a bottle with his ominous debut. Not much is known about the man behind Dogged, but I got the chance to sit down with him...

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BDFFF Review: ‘Dogged’ Is a Brilliant Directorial Debut For Richard Rowntree

Dogged is having or showing tenacity with grim persistence. One thing first time director, Richard Rowntree, certainly protrudes is tenacity. Born from a micro short with a runtime of just 4 minutes, Rowntree had the presence of mind to formulate a script for a nearly two hour film, that translated to a stern and tenacious psychological horror-thriller that would make Robin Hardy proud. A successful kickstarter campaign made this director’s dream a reality, and Rowntree refused to squander his golden opportunity, tendering a script and film that will make genre fans very happy. Much like the short film, we...

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BDFFF Review: ‘Diffability Hollywood’ Is a Must See Documentary

Diffability Hollywood is a tremendously informative and inspiring documentary surrounding the history of performers with both physical and intellectual disabilities. Able to broach the subject with a distinct depth and care, filmmaker Adrian Esposito develops a concisely crafted educational journey detailing the maturation in Hollywood on how those with disabilities are portrayed and treated. With a myriad of interviews that feature the likes of Johnny Knoxville, Danny Woodburn, Edward Barbanell and many more, Diffability Hollywood provides an incisive documentation of a far too overlooked part of our society. This is exactly how documentaries are supposed to be made, and...

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Previewing The Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

Happy Halloween Buffalo! October is coming to an abrupt end, culminating in everyone’s favorite excuse to get all hopped on sugar. With Halloween coming to pass this evening it’s a wonder if there’s anything to look forward to in the coming days as the month changes over and we set our sights on the countdown to christmas. Good news for those that just can’t get enough fright and delight, The Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival is making it’s return for a 5th year under it’s current banner (formerly Buffalo Screams). Just like the Buffalo International Film Festival, BDFFF brings...

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BIFF Review: ‘Prodigy’ Helps BIFF Open With a Bang

Throughout the Buffalo International Film Festival, Bro Knows will be reviewing most of the films we see via micro reviews on our social media pages to ensure we can review as many of the festival offerings as possible. That said, as Bro Knows Editor, I was lucky enough to get to see some of the films ahead of time. One of those films just happened to be Prodigy. A sci-fi drama centering on a gifted little girl and a psychologists desperately trying to crack her concrete emotional barrier. More psychological thriller than true sci-fi, the brainchild of director/writers Alex...

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