Author: Eric Fetterman

BIFF Is Back and Better Than Ever

For film lovers, festivals are Disneyworld. For Buffalonians not in the know, they might think that finding a truly great celebration of independent artistry in their own backyards, is nearly impossible. So Maybe it’s time for those not in the know, to get woke on all that the Buffalo film scene has to offer. No better wake up call exists than The Buffalo International Film Festival. Coming off the heels of TIFF, BIFF is every bit as fun as the festival hosted by our neighbors up north, for a fraction of the price. Celebrating it’s 11th year, BIFF is back and it is upping the ante with a new slate of tremendous independent films for the viewing public to feed on. Whether you’re the average moving going joe or the biggest movie nerd in your circle, BIFF has something for everybody. Perhaps what makes this festival so particularly special, aside from having a great sense of pride for the city it calls home, is how honestly diverse it’s content is. Shuffling through the slate on their website, you would be hard pressed to find a title that doesn’t appeal to your tastes. The programmers work tirelessly to bring you as much flavor as is possible, scouring heaven and earth to bring as much cultural and artistic diversity to the city of Buffalo as is humanly possible. Interim Executive Director...

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Movie Review: ‘King Arthur: Legend of The Sword’ Is a Very Guy Ritchie Take on The Arthurian Mythos

Perhaps one of the most distinctive filmmakers working today, Guy Ritchie is often the real star of his projects, be that to their detriment or benefit. It’s that unique formula that has become somewhat polarizing to viewers. At this point, you either love Ritchie or you hate him, with not much gray area in which to operate, given just how defined his method is. Frenetic is probably the proper descriptive verbiage for Ritchie’s style. Montages, jump cuts, steady camera focus that transitions from scene to scene at a rapid pace. One thing to be said about him is that, while...

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Every Guy Ritchie Movie Ranked From Best to Worst

In honor of Guy Ritchie, whose latest film, King Arthur: Legend of The Sword, opens this weekend, we’ve decided to review and reflect on all his catalogue has to offer. This mans filmography spans 22 long years and 16 directorial credits (only 9 actual narrative features including Arthur) and I have seen them all. Ritchie has been one of my favorite directors for years, ever since i first saw Snatch, which led me to Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels which led me to the rest of his efforts, which are all invariably filled with distinct Guy Ritchie flavor,...

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Trailer Spotlight: ‘War Machine’

The upcoming Netflix film starring Brad Pitt, War Machine, just dropped it’s final trailer as a precursor to it’s impending release later this month. The trailer is a much more fleshed out view of the narrative and showcases the bountiful and perhaps even unintentional humor surrounding the Iraq war. The film is based on the Novel The Operators: The Wild & Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan and has Pitt playing US General Glenn McMahon (based on Gen Stanley McChrystal). The trailer provides insight to the absurdity, and it is clear this is going to be less...

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Steve McQueen Directing Tupac Documentary

Steve McQueen knows how to create polarizing character driven stories. 12 Years a Slave and Shame are a testament to his ability to produce character driven narratives with depth. So when McQueen takes aim at a giant like Tupac, it has to breed excitement. The academy award winning director has brokered a deal with the late rap moguls estate trustee Tom Whaley of Amaru Entertainment, which was created by the recently deceased Afeni Shakur. McQueen will take aim at chronicling the life of the controversial rapper/actor/poet who is still the only stand alone hip hop artist to be inducted...

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