Author: Eric Fetterman

Martin Scorsese’s Irishman Gets Release Date and Production Start Date

The last update for Martin Scorsese‘s highly anticipated film, The Irishman, based on an acclaimed novel ‘I Heard You Paint Houses,’ was that it had run into legal issues surrounding the distribution rights. Well, apparently those issues have been resolved, because we have an official production timeline and release date. The film will get a day and date release on the streaming service, Netflix, in 2019, followed by an awards qualifying run, which means limited theatrical release in, at minimum, NY and LA. The film is about the life of Eddie “The Irishman” Sheeran played by Robert De Niro,...

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Blade Runner 2049 HD Images Released

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is a masterpiece that forever changed the vision and scope of an entire genre. This towering monument to immersive and expansive visual majesty is one the most beautiful poetic and metaphoric film that has been solidified itself as one of the greatest. Now, 30 years later, we finally have the sequel we’ve always dreamed about, in the middle of a resurgence of sorts for Scott. The neon inferno of light sounds and endless skyscrapers that elevated the originals visionary gallantry, have returned in kind for the sequel. The second trailer for Blade Runner 2049 dropped...

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Is a Hellboy Reboot Without Del Toro or Perlman Coming?

The odyssey of the Hellboy franchise has been a difficult thing to keep track of. The first two films were solid entires and interesting adaptations, but they were Guillermo Del Toro‘s love children, and Ron Perlman seemed born to play the big red anti-hero. Then, when the curtain fell on the sequel, fans of the comic and the films were left wondering just how long it will be until we had ourselves a third entry to round out the trilogy. Those same fanboys are still waiting, and are now stuck in perpetual limbo, clinging to their last vestiges of...

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Short Film Review: ‘Leslie’

It’s not often I find myself reviewing anything other than feature length films. Never jumped into the TV scene, and while I love a great short film, they are typically difficult to review, if for no other reason than they are, well, too short to really dig deep into. Every once in a great while a truly special and impressive short will find it’s way into my inbox or will screen at a film festival I’m attending. Lucky for me, just such a film was passed along, titled Leslie. Written and Directed by Alejandro Montoya Marin, Leslie is a...

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10 Best Movies of 2017.. So Far

It’s been a minute since Bro Knows has dropped some knowledge on the public and for that we would like to apologize.. Nothing important seems to happen in April anyway right? Bro Knows is back just in time for the Summer Blockbuster season which kicked off this past weekend as the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 left audiences falling in love with a tiny piece of talking driftwood, named baby Groot. With blockbuster season upon us, it’s important to take the time to truly reflect on the first quarter of 2017, and some of the shocking...

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