Author: Eric Fetterman

Coming Soon.. Some Movies You Bros May or May Not Want to See, Opening This Week

Coming Soon! Your weekly guide to all the biggest movies releasing in theaters, and whether or not to see it based on the 2 prong rating system of either “No Bro” or “Go Bro.” With the goal of trying to separate the upcoming films into two categories including: Wide Release; The films opening nationwide, likely the easiest films to find. Indie Release; The best low budget independent films opening at some smaller theaters. So heres what’s opening at a theater near you this week 4/9/2015 Wide Release No question that the Furious 7 will be an extremely difficult film...

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5 Reasons To Be Excited For The Upcoming Deadpool Movie

So It’s now official! The new Deadpool film has gone into production. You might be asking why do you care? or who is Deadpool? Well bro, Deadpool is one of the most badass anti-heroes this side of Wolverine. Known as “The Merc With a Mouth” he is armed to the teeth with gadgets like James Bond, has regenerative powers like Wolverine, and a vocabulary like a drunk sailor just hitting the shore on leave. If you’re a comic book fan, you’re likely already excited for this film, if you’re not, I venture to say you’ll likely still enjoy, if you like...

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Tusk.. Why? Kevin Smith, Why?

Director: Kevin Smith Writer: Kevin Smith Top Billed: Michael Parks, Justin Long I have no words for what I just witnessed, no snarky tag line, no nothing. Today I review the new Kevin Smith film Tusk. Summary Some things just cannot be unseen. Justin Long is Wallace, an annoying mean spirited podcaster with a vulgar vocabulary and a crass personality. Wallace makes his living by mocking and or humiliating poor souls in a Daniel Tosh-esque fashion. Wallace heads to the great white north to pick on his next victim. When things inevitably do not go as planned he is...

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Captain America Gets All Sappy In New Rom-Com Playing It Cool

Director: Justin Reardon Writer: Chris Shafer Top Billed: Chris Evans, Michelle Monaghan What if I told you Shakespeare, and all the best writers were accused of being love hating sexual deviants? Thats precisely what Playing It Cool suggests. Summary Classic boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy makes big monologuing speech, the end. For the most part that’s exactly what this quintessential Rom-com is going to provide. Following the cynical young screenplay writer (Chris Evans), who has a pessimistic view on the idea of love, and is ironically commissioned to write a romantic comedy  screenplay. Enter “Her” (Michelle...

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Furious 7 Provides A Beautiful Send Off For An Old Friend

Director: James Wan Writer: Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Top Billed: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel Saying goodbye is never easy, Furious 7 says farewell to a family member in what may possibly be the classiest send off any actor or character has ever received. “No matter where you are, whether it’s a quarter mile away or halfway across the world, you’ll always be with me, and you’ll always be my brother.”  Summary I’ll start by warning that if you haven’t at least seen the last 3 movies in the Fast and Furious franchise then you’ll be completely lost. That being...

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