Author: Eric Fetterman

Trailer Spotlight: Dope

New Sundance darling Dope trailer is, well, dope. The trailer is highly stylized and an feels more like a work of art than a movie preview. Focusing more on blending 90’s style images with glimpses of clips from the film set to some awesome music (Tribe Called Quest is one of my favorites), the only negative is that we don’t much in the war of story or narrative. The good news is this is strictly a teaser trailer and is not meant to provide any narrative but simply a tool to hook the audience and garner buzz for the...

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The Longest Ride Is Even More Appropriatley Titled Than You Know

Director: George Tillman Jr. Writer: Craig Bolotin, Nicholas Sparks Top Billed: Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood The Nicholas Sparks movie formula for success is as follows: Start with two pretty white people. Include an obstacle that separates them making love seem impossible or unlikely. Make them fall in love anyway. Create a ridiculous and or exploitative disaster for the sole purpose of manipulating audience emotion and evoking tears. Make every single movie poster look exactly the same (fitting since they’re all basically the same movie), and laugh all the way to the bank. Summary Britt Robertson is Sophia, a sorority...

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Kevin Hart Helps Will Ferrell Get Erec… Hard In New Movie Get Hard

Director: Etan Cohen Writer: Etan Cohen, Adam McKay Top Billed: Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell There is no greater joy than watching a 6’5 inch doughy white guy learning the methods of “getting hard” from a 5’5 inch expressive black guy. Summary Will Ferrell is James King, an extremely wealthy hedge fund manager, engaged to his sexy vapid fiancee Alissa (Allison Brie). When James gets popped for fraud and embezzlement, he ignorantly turns to the man who washes his car Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart). Darnell, in a predicament of his own, attempting to raise  money for a house in a...

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Trailer Spotlight: Straight Outta Compton

Cruisin’ down the street and into a theater near you is the upcoming Straight Outta Compton. The N.W.A. biopic follows the controversial and transcendent rap group from it’s origins through all the hardships as they battle for the freedom of expression through music. If you don’t know N.W.A. Then i’m sorry but i’m going to assume you’re not an American and have been living in a bubble or under a rock. This movie has big time potential and if made correctly can be an Oscar contender. The trailer looks great, incorporating the music we all know and love, with...

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What Is That, Thing? Fantastic 4 First Look At The Thing!

What is that, Thing? There has been a whole lot of doubt about the upcoming Fantastic 4 movie, and for good reason. Coming off of two of the worst comic book films ever produced, This film has a lot of negative ground to cover but all the news coming out of production seem quite promising. Going with a younger cast could have posed some problems, but there is no questioning the talent. Michael B. Jordan is easily one the most talented young actors working today, Jamie Bell is “fantastic” in every film he’s in, Kate Mara is clearly talented...

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