The oddities surrounding Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice are many, and are harrowing. This film has become the definitive divisive film of the year, that is breeding large and looming debate amongst fans and critics alike. In an unprecedented move, Warner Brothers has released the first deleted scene from the film. Make no mistake this is not just any old side-reel scene, but this scene appears a serious contextual component to the story. This is a real WTF moment to say the least. So it’s a major head scratcher that the studio dropped this deleted scene a mere 4 days after the movie just released. Needless to say there are clear spoilers in this scene and the hope is that you didn’t click on this article if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Check out the deleted scene here!

So presumably this scene takes place shortly after Lex Luthor soaks General Zod’s body in space guacamole to create Doomsday. So what the hell is that thing and what does any of this mean? Well it’s difficult to say really. It’s all speculative but the monster could be Steppenwolf, Uncle to famed villain Darkseid, who was teased earlier in the film during Bruce Wayne’s dream sequence. The boxes that the monster appears to be holding are likely the Mother Boxes, which are boxes of mysterious power, that were shown in the reveal of cyborg. The mother boxes are another link to Darkseid and this scene would explain why Luthor is referencing Darkseid as the great evil that is coming at the end of the movie. This confusion lies in why this scene was cut out? It appears to provide the much needed context to Luthor mysteriously knowing who Darkseid is and his deranged references to the Mother Boxes when repeating Ping Ping over and over again. The idea that this scene was cut out has us very excited for the R-Rated ultimate cut of BvS which should give us a more coherent narrative, rather than the loose hack job we were subjected to in the theater.

So what do you guys think of the deleted scene? Did you like the movie? Do you think this scene would have made the movie better or is it better left out? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.