Batman v Superman has been both a financial and critical disappointment for Warner Brothers. This is so prevalent, that WB has elected to scale back its slate in order to maintain its focus on 3 major properties that are spawning blockbuster franchises in Lego, DC, and Harry Potter. Taking the Disney approach is probably a wise business decision, but for fans of diverse film, this is less than stellar news. Only adding to the frustration is the fact that Batman v Superman has been dethroned as box office champ in just it’s 3rd week. Most experts and WB execs predicted BvS would hold the top spot at the box office at the very least until Disney’s Jungle Book dropped on April 15th. Well unfortunately for WB and DC fans that was not the case, and to add insult to injury they were knocked off by a film with a lower Rotten Tomatoes score then them in the new Melissa McCarthy comedy The Boss (Bro Knows review to come tomorrow).

The Boss, in spite of the critical lashing it is deservedly receiving, accumulated a solid $23.5 million in it’s opening weekend. This just edged out our caped heroes who raked in just $23.45 million in it’s 3rd week drooping over 50% from week two to week three after having a similar drop from week one to week two. This film simply does not have legs, and while is has hauled in over $750 million worldwide, that is still far less than the studio had predicted. One film that has had incredible legs is the third place finisher for the weekend Zootopia, who brought in another $14.4 million bringing its worldwide total to a massive $852.6 million in 5 weeks. The final two films in the top 5 are My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 in 4th and Hardcore Henry in 5th.

So what does this mean for BvS and the DCEU? Well from we can tell, nothing. WB plans on sinking it’s resources into DC even further, and are reportedly very excited for Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman, plus the Justice League film begins shooting this week with Zack Snyder at the helm, to the dismay of BvS haters everywhere. It does not seem like the disappointing box office result for BvS is affecting the rest of the DC film universe, and instead maybe reinvigorating it. WB even announced two unnamed DC properties to release in 2018, leaving many including us here at Bro Knows to speculate that a Batman stand alone film is going to be coming sooner rather than later, seizing an opportunity to build on most fans favorite part of the dueling duo film in Affleck’s Batman. While only time will tell, one thing is for sure, Batman v Superman, DC, and WB are not happy about being knocked out of the top spot by the likes of the bottom feeding and all around unfunny comedy, The Boss.