Bro Nation! Earlier today we commented on the full poster for Affleck’s Batman. Now we get to bring you some incredible Promo art for the upcoming Batman v Superman. Bro Knows is over the moon excited for this movie. It’s the type of movie that will bring together fanboys across the universe to unite for the common goal of witnessing two of the greatest comic book character of all time square off.

We are less than a year out from the upcoming mega blockbuster, and were starting to get more and more from the film and the set, and it’s only strengthening our reserve. Below is some incredible promo art for the movie that gives you a solid look into the characters and even some of their toys!

promo2 promo3 promo4 promo5 promo6 promo7 promo8 promo9

Take look at all of these images and tell me it doesn’t make you giddy! I mean come on, we get a bunch of great even posters and we get to see these gods side by side. While there are certainly those who have reservations for Affleck playing the Dark Knight, and to those people I ask why? Have you seen The Town? how about Argo? Gone Girl anyone? Affleck is not the same guy who did Gigli. He has developed as an actor since he stepped behind the lense and became one of the best directors working.

Overall this movie and the news surrounding it all appear to be positive. The teaser trailer was epic and the images are impressive. This is shaping up to be one incredible experience.

So what do you guys out in Bro Nation think? You like the new promo images? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.