Deadpool has taken the industry by storm. The foul mouthes anti hero is crushing the box record left and right, and has done so with unwavering pride and a big middle finger to the ratings board. So with the success of the R-rated comic book film it seems that every movie is starting to get Deadpool fever. With the announcement that Wolverine 3 could potentially be R-rated, and the idea that different dormant franchises could have new life due to Deadpool’s success, we now have one shocking revelation. It has been reported that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will have a an “Ultimate Cut” when it hits home video which is said to be R-rated for scenes of extreme violence.

As much as this might seem gimmicky it actually makes sense as far as marketing is concerned. They drum up buzz for the movie prior to it’s release, and then drives sales for the home video with an extended cut featuring an more violent version of the film. The latest trailer for the film featured a much more hard nosed ass kicking Batman than we are used to seeing on screen, and the potential R-rating may prove that this iteration of Batman may break the no kill rule he normally carries. Moreover, Zack Snyder is no rookie when it comes to directors cuts, as his version of Watchmen is widely considered superior to the the theatrical run of the film.

The idea of a potential R-rated cut of this movie is an extremely exciting prospect, and we just can’t wait for BvS to drop. This could also open up a world where we may get an R-rated Batman film in the vein of The Dark Knight Returns or The Killing Joke comic book runs. Batman v Superman is set to release March 25th.

So what do you guys think of the news regarding the Ultimate Cut? Are you excited for Batman v Superman? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.