Never before could you say that you were excited for a feature length Baywatch movie, until now. With Dwayne Johnson taking over the big boss role from the Hoffer, corralling the troops lead by Zack Efron, and Alexandra Daddario, This movie has all the makings of something outrageous. The hope is that this will end up being a satire the likes of 21 Jump Street, and it looks like that’s the tone we are getting. The Rock, as he is apt to doing, has taken to social media to keep the impatient fans satisfied and updated at every turn.

The full cast stars Johnson as Mitch Buchannon (epic name), his San Andreas co-star Alexandra Daddario as Summer, Kelly Rohrback takes on Pam Anderson’s old role as CJ Parker, Zac Efron plays the hot headed Matt Brody, and Ilfenesh Hadera plays Mitch’s love interest, Stephanie Holden, and actor John Bass rounds out the crew. Johnson dropped a cast photo of the six would be lifeguards recently, giving us our first full look at the gang all in one place.

Check out the post here!


Seth Gordon, the Horrible Bosses helmer, is directing and the remaining cast includes Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra as the villain, Jack Kesy and Amin Joseph in unspecified roles, and the legend David Hasselhoff making an awe inspiring cameo.

Johnson has previously teased the hard R-rating for the film by saying “ Some good ol’ fashion ‘this is my beach bitch’ R-rated humor.”

The Baywatch reboot is set to hit theaters everywhere May 19th 2017.

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