Diffability Hollywood is a tremendously informative and inspiring documentary surrounding the history of performers with both physical and intellectual disabilities. Able to broach the subject with a distinct depth and care, filmmaker Adrian Esposito develops a concisely crafted educational journey detailing the maturation in Hollywood on how those with disabilities are portrayed and treated. With a myriad of interviews that feature the likes of Johnny Knoxville, Danny Woodburn, Edward Barbanell and many more, Diffability Hollywood provides an incisive documentation of a far too overlooked part of our society. This is exactly how documentaries are supposed to be made, and this is a must watch for any film fan or history buff.

4.45/5 EPIC BRO!

Diffability Hollywood opens the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival at the Dipson Theater in the Eastern Hills Mall Thursday 11/2 at 6:45 PM. Buffalo Dreams Filmmaker of the year (well deserved), Adrian Esposito will be on hand for a Q&A after the show. This is a ust see documentary! Get your tickets immediately! Be sure to continue following Bro Knows’ social media feed for all the news and reviews form this years fest!