To no one’s surprise, Beauty and the Beast is box-office gold, as Disney adds another notch to it’s belt while stuffing their pockets with patrons cold hard cash. By any standard, $170 million is an insane amount of loot, and while the film has received a tempered critical reception, fans can’t seem to stop raving about this live action reboot, which is apparent by the crazy big opening weekend. That number will likely etch this film in the top 5 box office returns of 2017, with Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 looking to challenge for the top spot later this year.

Beauty and The Beast has already placed 7th all time in domestic openings, and worldwide, has exceeded $300 million, and is a likely candidate to potentially join the billion dollar club before it’s all said and done. While the numbers are more than impressive, Beauty and The Beast is not the only film that has been making waves at the theater, with Kong: Skull Island, Logan and Get out have all eclipsed $100 million domestically and continue to gather returns weeks after opening. Get out has exploded as the first film with a black writer/director to cross that landmark, which is both astonishing and embarrassing. Mixed with its mini budget of $5 Million, Get Out has become one of the most profitable films in recent memory. Logan is on it’s way $200 million, making $17.5 this weekend, while Kong tipped the scales at $29 million with a gross of $110 million to date.

The Shack rounded out the top 5, which is little surprise, since faith based films typically perform pretty well. The Belko Experiment, which opened this weekend, finished 7th. That result, for any other film, would be a let down, but Belko has a $5 million budget and grossed just below that on opening weekend, so in actuality they can chalk that up to a win. With Power Rangers, Life and Chips opening this weekend, it will be interesting to see if Beauty and The Beast can hang on to the top spot in back to back weeks.