Today is a great day!! Not only has Comic-Con started, but now we have some amazing news about Ben Affleck and the upcoming Batman stand alone feature! While no release dates have been announced what Warner Bros did state is that Affleck is not only set to direct the standalone Batman movie, but is also going to write the script!!! Deadline broke the news yesterday, check out the info below!

Ben Affleck is teaming up with Geoff Johns to co-write a stand-alone Batman Movie that Affleck will direct and star in after he completes his longstanding plan to helm his scripted adaptation of the Dennis Lehane novel Live By Night. Johns has about as much comic cred as anybody around. He’s DC Comics’ chief creative officer and has written some of its best remembered comic book series including Green Lantern, Aquaman, Batman, Justice League Unlimited, The Flash and Superman. He also has written TV series superhero transfers Smallville, Arrow and The Flash, as well as the Supergirl project with Greg Berlanti for CBS.

Affleck and Johns teaming up to co-write with Affleck directing? Yes please!! This is very exciting news given the talent that Affleck brings as a director. If there are any who may doubt the skills of Affleck has then please promptly seek out and watch Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo immediately for confirmation!

Also mentioned in the statement:

The Batman movie would shoot after he finishes Live By Night, and the plot would reflect the Batman character that emerges after Batman V Superman and Justice League, the latter of which comes out November 17, 2017. DC and Warner Bros have set a long list of superhero movies that take the Marvel formula of interspersing characters from one film to the next, so it’s unclear when Affleck’s Batfilm will be slotted.

Batman v Superman cannot come soon enough! Hearing a round about time for when we might get to see the stand alone is also pretty damn exciting. Clearly it’ll be a while till we get to see a Batman film directed by the best, but something tells us it will be well worth the wait!

So what do you guys out in Bro Nation Think of the news surrounding the upcoming Batman stand alone? You excited for Batman v Superman? You like the idea of Affleck directing and starring in the stand alone? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.