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When you’re lying awake at night, do you ever wonder “what the hell happened to Eddie Murphy?” Ok, I guess not. Well if you are that person that does, we have some very good news for you. If you were a fan of the epic Beverly Hills Cop franchise, then you’ll be pleased to know that Beverly Hills Cop 4 has officially been greenlit and is moving forward with new directors.

Paramount has recently hired Belgian director duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah to helm the fourth. Both Murphy and producer Jerry Bruckheimer approved the directing tandem after reviewing their work. Deadline reported on the new directors and in the report referenced that the fourth installment will feature Axel Foley in hos native Detroit, but it ain’t Beverly Hills Cop until he hits the west coast. The report didn’t specify if we would see Judge Reinhold reprise his role as detective Billy Rosewood, but we have our fingers crossed. Also wouldn’t hurt to see John Ashton make a return as Sergeant Taggart either. There is no question that Murphy needs a hit. After gems such as Norbit, and Tower Heist, he has not exactly been killing it as of late. With other former stars making triumphant returns to the roles that helped bring them fame (Schwarzenegger with Terminator, Diesel with Fast and Furious) this might be just what Murphy needed. While there still is no specific start date on production, the word is that we will hopefully get a new Beverly Hills Cop by early 2018. So here is hoping this new team can reinvigorate the franchise and help Murphy get back on top.