For film lovers, festivals are Disneyworld. For Buffalonians not in the know, they might think that finding a truly great celebration of independent artistry in their own backyards, is nearly impossible. So Maybe it’s time for those not in the know, to get woke on all that the Buffalo film scene has to offer. No better wake up call exists than The Buffalo International Film Festival. Coming off the heels of TIFF, BIFF is every bit as fun as the festival hosted by our neighbors up north, for a fraction of the price. Celebrating it’s 11th year, BIFF is back and it is upping the ante with a new slate of tremendous independent films for the viewing public to feed on. Whether you’re the average moving going joe or the biggest movie nerd in your circle, BIFF has something for everybody.

Perhaps what makes this festival so particularly special, aside from having a great sense of pride for the city it calls home, is how honestly diverse it’s content is. Shuffling through the slate on their website, you would be hard pressed to find a title that doesn’t appeal to your tastes. The programmers work tirelessly to bring you as much flavor as is possible, scouring heaven and earth to bring as much cultural and artistic diversity to the city of Buffalo as is humanly possible.

Interim Executive Director John J. Fink put it best “Our eleventh annual festival offers a tightly curated line-up of films that have not previously shown in Western New York. Our line-up consists of films that have previously screened at Sundance, TIFF, SXSW and Cannes, alongside stellar local filmmaking and other dynamic discoveries made by our staff.” The fine work that the this team has done is helping bring a little slice of the major independent film market here to Buffalo. It seems every year BIFF gets bigger, better and more exciting and BIFF 11 does not disappoint. This years offering consist of 112 films from 25 countries throughout the city of Buffalo at venues including:

The North Park Theatre, 1428 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, 14216
Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, 341 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, 14202
Squeaky Wheel Film and Media Art Center, 617 Main Street, Buffalo, 14203
Burchfield Penney Art Center, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222

The best part? Biff is easily one of the most affordable film festival you’re likely to find, and one of only 2 film festivals really worth their salt any where near the Buffalo area (Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival being the other). For just $39.99 you can purchase a Bison Pass, which allows you access to any and all of the program list, or you can purchase single tickets at any of the four screening locations for $10 a ticket. Try finding a better deal than that! Not to mention, Fink and crew managed to score a special event screening of Marshall for Bison Pass customers on saturday evening at 7pm.

Let Bro Knows be your definitive guide to all things BIFF by following us on Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram and getting all of our micro reviews for each of the films we see at the fest. Check out the screenings and then tune in to see what we thought.

For more information on the bevy of events hosted by the festival visit their website or follow them on any and all social media outlets. Check out the full lineup below and be sure to get your Bison Pass immediately and RSVP to the screening of Marshall now before it’s sold out!!

OPENING NIGHT FILM: The Western New York Premiere of Mermaids, directed by Ali Weinstein (film-maker in attendance)

CLOSING NIGHT FILM: Special Presentation of Crash Pad, directed by Kevin Tent  (filmmaker in attendance)

SPOTLIGHT ON LOCAL PRODUCTIONS: WNY Premieres of Marshall, directed by Reginald Hudlin; After the Sun Fell, directed by Tony Glazer; and the World Premiere of Algebra of Need, directed by David R. Williams (filmmakers in attendance for all screenings)

MASTERS CENTERPIECE: WNY Premiere of Endless Poetry, directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky

SPOTLIGHT ON WOMEN FILMMAKERS: This year’s festival will feature 25 female writers and/or directors who will present their work including a special presentation of In The Orchard written and starring Dana White (filmmaker in attendance); the Western New York Premieres of Bitch, by Marianna Palka; and Woman on Fire by Julie Sokolow (filmmaker in attendance).

Festival Highlights:

Friday, October 6
BIFF Opening Night Gala Presentation, Mermaids (Ali Weinstein), 7:30 p.m. at North Park
Director Ali Weinstein and producer Caitlin Durlak in attendance.
Saturday, October 7
BIFF Regional Centerpiece, Marshall (Reginald Hudlin), 8:00 p.m. at North Park
Producers Chris Bongirne and Jonathan Sanger in attendance.
BIFF Masters Centerpiece, Endless Poetry (Alejandro Jodorowsky), 5:30 p.m. at Burchfield Penney
Sunday, October 8
BIFF Ed Summer Film History Showcase, The Cinema Travellers (Shirley Abraham & Amit Madheshiya), 12:00pm at North Park
Monday, October 9
BIFF Closing Night, Crash Pad (Kevin Tent) , 7:30 p.m. at North Park
Director Kevin Tent in attendance.

BIFF WNY Narrative Features:

The Algebra of Need (David R. Williams) – Saturday October 7th, 5:00pm – North Park (director David R. Williams, stars Alexander S. Mcbryde and Jullian Geurts in attendance)
After the Sun Fell (Tony Glazer) – Sunday October 8th, 1:30pm – North Park (director Tony Galzer, producer Summer Crocket Moore & actress Joanna Bayless in attendance)
BIFF Studio of the Streets: Documentary Features:
8 Days 8 Borders (Amanda Bailey) – Saturday October 7th, 12:15pm – Squeaky Wheel
Among Wolves (Shawn Convey) – Sunday October 8th, 7:00pm – North Park (director Shawn Convey in attendance)
Buzz One Four (Matt McCormick) – Saturday October 7th, 1:00pm – Burchfield Penney (director Matt McCormick in attendance)
Centralia: Pennsylvania’s Lost Town (Joe Sapienza II) – Sunday October 7th, 12:00pm – Hallwalls (director Joe Sapienza in attendance)

Charlie vs. Goliath (Reed Lindsay) – Friday October 6th, 2:30pm – North Park
Gina’s Journey: The Search for William Grimes (Sean Durant) – Sunday October 8th,11:00am – North Park
The Stairs (Hugh Gibson) – Sunday October 8th, 2:15pm – Hallwalls (director Hugh Gibson in attendance)

Two Worlds (Maciej Adamek) – Friday October 6th, 4:45pm, Hallwalls
Unstoppable Irving Fields (Martin Feinberg) – Friday October 6th, 12:30pm – North Park
Voices Beyond The Wall: Twelve Love Poems from The Murder Capital of the World (Brad Coley) – Saturday October 7th, 3:15pm, Burchfield Penney
Woman on Fire (Julie Sokolow) – Saturday October 7th, 12:45pm – North Park (skype Q & A with director Julie Sokolow)
When They Awake (PJ Marcellino & Harmon Farahi) – Sunday October 8th, 9:45pm – North Park (co-director PJ Marcellino in attendance)
BIFF Global Narratives: International Features:
The Art of Loving: The Story of Michalina Wislocka (Maria Sadowska) – Sunday October 8, 7:00pm – Hallwalls
Even Lovers Get The Blues (Laurent Micheli) – Monday October 7, 4:45pm – Hallwalls
Kupal (Kazem Mollaie) – Sunday October 7, 9:15pm – Hallwalls
Lovers (Matteo Vicino) – Monday October 9, 12:00pm – Hallwalls (director Matteo Vicino in attendance)

Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge (Marie Noelle) – Saturday October 7, 2:45pm – North Park

The Train Driver’s Diary (Milos Radovic) – Saturday October 7, 11:00am – Hallwalls

Waiting for You (Charles Garrad) – Monday October 9, 5:15pm – North Park

Waking David (Kevin Nash) – Friday October 6, 5:00pm – North Park

BIFF Domestic Narrative: USA Features:

American Satan (Ash Avildsen) – Monday October 9, 10:00pm – North Park

Bitch (Marianna Palka) – Friday October 6, 10:00pm – North Park

Infinity Baby (Bob Boyington) – Saturday October 7, 11:00pm – North Park

In The Orchard (Christopher Knoblock) – Friday October 6, 7:00pm – Hallwalls (writer/actress Dana White in attendance)

The Midnighters (Julian Fort) – Saturday October 7, 9:45pm – Hallwalls

Prodigy (Alex Haughey & Brian Vidal) – Friday October 6, 9:15pm – Hallwalls (directors Alex Haughey & Brian Vidal)

Restraint (Adam Cushman) – Monday October 9, 6:45pm – Hallwalls (director Adam Cushman in attendance)

The Sounding (Catherine Eaton) – Saturday October 7, 7:45pm – Hallwalls

The Street Where We Live (John Whitney) – Sunday October 8, 4:30pm – Hallwalls (director John Whitney in attendance)

Sundown (Brendan Boogie) – Monday October 9, 2:15pm – Hallwalls (director Brendan Boogie and star Grayson Powell in attendance)

Sunset Park (Jason Sarrey) – Monday October 9, 2:30pm – North Park (director Jason Sarrey in attendance)

BIFF Shorts: Programs:

Danger Zone – Monday October 9, 9:00pm – Hallwalls
A weird and wild line-up of short shockers, dark comedies, adults only animation and more. (Filmmakers in attendance)
Domestic Affairs – Saturday October 7, 3:15pm – Hallwalls
From life-long love affairs to chance encounters – private matters take center stage in this slate of comedies and dramas from the US, Canada, Japan and Germany. (Filmmakers in attendance)
Experimental – Saturday October 7, 4:30pm – Squeaky Wheel
BIFF proudly presents a dynamic lineup of abstract expression, filmic essays and unique perspectives. (Filmmakers in attendance)
Global – Saturday October 7, 5:00pm – North Park
Highlighting exciting short filmmaking from around the world, BIFF Shorts: Global offers a diverse lineup of narrative shorts from the France, Japan, Iran, Brazil, Ireland and Taiwan.
Interstates – Saturday October 7, 1:00pm – Hallwalls
Evocative storytelling where the journey is more important than the destination. Featuring short films from the US, Mexico, Macedonia and Brazil. (Filmmakers in attendance)
Local Youth – Saturday October 7, 11:00am – Squeaky Wheel
BIFF proudly presents a selection of shorts created by Buffalo youth and inspired by their city and surroundings.
Saturday Morning Cartoons – Saturday October 7, 11:00pm – North Park
A family friendly line-up of animated shorts from around the world and around the region! (Filmmakers in attendance)
WNY Stories – Sunday October 8, 4:30pm – North Park
Celebrating diverse stories and storytellers from Buffalo’s East Side to the Seneca Nation. (Filmmakers in attendance)
Before the Movie– miscellaneous times & locations
Before select feature films enjoy curated shorts to complement the feature.