Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters in Star Wars lore. He lit up the screen in The Empire Strikes Back, and we caught a glimpse of him as a young man in the prequels. Naturally, it would be advantageous for Disney and Star Wars to capitalize on Fett’s popularity and they have finally announced they will be doing just that. That is correct, Disney announced that the second film in the the spinoff anthology films will be  Boba Fett origin story!!

Originally it was Josh Trank set to direct the second anthology film, but word of his departure was also released today. So now the Boba Fett movie is a film without a director, but that’s no matter because the news of his stand alone feature is plenty good enough to cover up the Track exit.

We know little to nothing at this point regarding the film outside of it being a Boba Fett film. The first Anthology film titled Rogue One, will be directed by Gareth Edwards and will release in 2016. Still no word on whether the anthology films will be directly connected or even if they will be directly connected to the man episodes, but either way a Boba Fett film sounds amazing!

So what do you guys in Bro Nation think of a Boba Fett movie? You excited about the anthology films? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.