Hello Bro Nation! Hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July weekend full of fun. Welcome to the second installment of our new weekly segment where we break down the weekend’s box office numbers and talk a little bit about what they might mean!

Top Box Office

It’s important to note that the numbers we are discussing are the 3 day weekend totals and not the 5 day totals. What that means is films like Terminator Genisys, Magic Mike XXL and Me and Earl and The Dying Girl all opened Tuesday June 30th, so they have 5 day totals, but for the sake of this segment we will only rank bases on the 3 day weekend totals.


Jurassic World takes the top spot again

It’s an itch that just won’t be scratched! Jurassic world has some how managed to stay in the number one spot for a 4th consecutive week. With a 3 day total of $30.9 million, Jurassic World has now brought its domestic total $558.1 million! Jurassic World has officially crossed the billion dollar market and is now the 3rd film to do so this year following Avengers and Furious 7. Jurassic World is now one of the five highest grossing films of all time with a worldwide total of $1.39 billion. The dino flick is also the fastest film to reach $550 million domestic (24 days). Jurassic World is proof that the quality does not always equal quantity when it comes to box office sales, and the bigger the scale and the stakes the bigger the profit. It’s unclear just how long it will grasp to the top spot, odds are against it beating the upcoming Minions movie, but for now, the dino’s reign supreme.

The number two spot, by an extremely narrow margin, is the Pixar juggernaut Inside Out. Pulling in an respectable $30.1 million in it’s 3rd week, just barely being edges out by Jurassic World. While Inside Out may have lost the weekend box office race it is still very much a winner. How could it be a winner you ask? Well, Inside Out is now the highest grossing film to never lead a weekend at the box office (provided that it remains out of the number 1 spot), surpassing My Big Fat Greek Wedding which grossed $242 million, with a fantastic $247 million. While there is of course still time for Inside Out to find the top spot in the coming weeks, it seems unlikely given that Minions is about to steal all of their market share this weekend. While we’re sure that Disney cares very little about a silly box office record, it’s still pretty cool to think Inside Out grabbed a little piece of history this weekend.


Terminator Genisys opens weaker than expected

Coming in at number 3 we have the newly opened Terminator Genisys. Aside from being the most misspelled film at the box office, Terminator was also pretty successful. Based on the 3 day totals it didn’t steal the top spot, but still it had a very good opening week. The 3 day total brought in a generous $28.7 million, keeping it in close quarters with the top two films of the week. Genisys was hoping to catch some big nostalgia numbers and unfortunately the holiday weekend geared towards family fun did it little justice. It’s total gross allowed Terminator to accrue a decent 44.1 million domestic, which is likely a disappointment to the studio that was projecting for upwards of $75 million. Terminator Genisys did respectable numbers this weekend, but will likely be seen by the studio and the people as a disappointment.

The number 4 spot goes to the dancing machines of Magic Mike XXL. Hoping to capitalize on the success and word of mouth of the original, the sequel missed the mark completely. Finishing 4th by grossing only 11.6 million over the 3 day weekend and 26.7 million total gross this week What this says to us is that all the lonely housewives and hormonal teenage girls with Channing Tatum crushes that were going to see this, did so in the first two days of release. Magic Mike XXL doesn’t exactly warrant repeat viewings and so it’s safe to say that domestically it will not meet the numbers it was expected to meet, that being said given the quality of the film, 26.7 million seems like a great figure.

Rounding out the top 5 is the lovable foul mouthed teddy bear in Ted 2. Unfortunately for Seth Macfarlane, Ted 2 has not performed to expectations, pulling in a light $11 million bringing its total domestic to $58.3 million. Ted 2 has fallen to fifth in just its second week and next week will likely fall off into obscurity with films like Minions, Self/Less and The Gallows all opening this week. This will mark Macfarlane second straight disappointment after the dreadful Million Ways to Die in The West. Ted 2, while a slight step down from the original, it is still a riot and a bit surprising that it has not yet reached it’s goal.


Everyone should go see Me and Earl and The Dying Girl

The honorable mentions this week outside the top 5 are Max and Spy respectively. Spy shifting from the 5th spot to the 7th and Max falling from 4 to 6. Spy continues to impress by accumulating a whopping $97.9 million domestically through its current run by gaining another $5.5 million this weekend. Meanwhile the extraordinarily surprising Max brings in $6.6 million raising its domestic total to $25.3 million. This coming week it’s more than likely Max will officially slide out of maybe even the top 10, but Spy may still have a chance to linger around a couple more weeks.

The biggest surprise of the week is of course that Jurassic World has managed to defy all odds and stick around on the top spot again. The biggest let down is probably Me and Earl and The Dying Girl not even cracking the top 7 even though it’s an incredible film that everyone should try to seek out.

So that’s all for us here with the second installment of the new Bro Knows Presents: Box Office Weekly. What did you guys out in Bro Nation think of the numbers this past weekend? What do you guys think is the biggest surprise this week? How about the biggest let down? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.