Bird Pixar is to imaginative animated films as Kentucky or Duke is to college basketball. Were talking about the company that developed perhaps the greatest animated trilogy of all time with the Toy Story franchise. They have steadily been cranking out the hits over the last 20 some years, and we have all been reaping the fruits of their hard work with incredible content. If you walk around a crowded area with a list of pixar films and asked people to pick the movie that they most want to see a sequel to, I’d bet money that close to seventy percent would say The Incredibles. What The Incredibles did was blend the morals and sensibilities of classic Pixar films, with the superhero genre. What we got was one of the most endearing and exciting animated films of all time.

It’s been close to 10 years since the first film was released, and in that time we have seen sequels to lesser franchises like Cars (Cars 2) and Monsters Inc (Monsters University), but we have waited ever so patiently for a segue to a movie that is begging for one! The Incredibles is an amazingly fun experience and given the current popularity of the her genre it’s a head scratcher that a sequel hasn’t been developed yet. Well Bro Nation, we have good news!!! Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Tomorrowland) has confirmed that his next film after the upcoming Tomorrowland is in fact The Incredibles 2!!!!! A year ago Pixar confirmed they would be doing the sequel but there was no time frame or release date, so it didn’t feel tangible. Now with Bird announcing that he has already started work on the sequel it becomes very very tangible.

The Incredibles is one of the best Pixar films ever made, and the sequel has an opportunity to raise the bar. What Pixar does so well is create content that viewers of all ages can really enjoy. The first Incredibles is almost geared towards middle aged adults who are struggling with their identities. Yes it is a family friendly film due to the premise, but there were a lot of mature themes that appealed to an older audience. The news of The Incredibles sequel is, well, incredible! This one animated film that Bro Knows is very excited for!

What do you guys in Bro Nation Think? You guys excited for The Incredibles sequel? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.