Captain America: Civil War has been a hot project and a big topic of discussion. All of the casting news and the basic film synopsis has lead to a lot of debate, and has raised awareness and expectations for the film. This is essentially going to be Avengers 2.5. Some of the cooler news that has released is the info surrounding Black Panther, and his use in the film. Aside from the casting, which was announced that Chadwick Boseman (42, Get On Up) will be the playing the Hero, we also were told, or at least it was alluded that Black Panther likely be at the center of the conflict in the film. Well we have some new breaking information. We gathered the intel from the scoop masters over at Heroic Hollywood who apparently grabbed their intel from the masters at JoBlo.

Below is some new information on the costumes and the key role that Black Panther will be playing. Please keep in mind that there are potential SPOILERS ahead!

It appears that Black Panther will likely be on Tony Stark’s side for most of the film, which is what helps the build up to an eventual battle with Captain America himself. In their article Joblo states the following:

“Black Panther will be on a mission of his own that has nothing to do with the Rogers/Stark squabble (with speculation that he could be hunting The Winter Soldier on his own for any number of reasons). However, it appears that Black Panther will stand more on the side of Stark than Rogers (at least in the beginning), which will feature a showdown between both characters.  Panther’s costume will be shrouded in Vibranium (the same material that Cap’s shield is made from), which is also the key resource in his homeland of Wakanda (as it is in the comics and most recently noted in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON). In the showdown between Cap and Panther we’ll see him scratching Cap’s shield easily and his prowess will prove to be a viable threat to Rogers. It is speculated that Stark needs Black Panther to help take Cap down. In addition to Black Panther’s sleek costume, we’ll also see a sleek Panther jet of some type, which we’re told looks very “Stark-like” in its technical buildout.”

As a bonus we also have information on Hawkeye and Ant-man’s roles in the film:

“Hawkeye has been slowly morphing from his Ultimate version to the Marvel 616 (RIP) version, and will be adding more purple and flair in CIVIL WAR, as well as a full right sleeve to his costume. Paul Rudd’s ANT-MAN will have a much “bigger” costume upgrade, as the one he wears in his solo film is derived from the old 1960’s version that Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym wore at that time. For CIVIL WAR, we’ll see a more modern/techno stylish costume. Additionally, as we previously mentioned, you can expect to see Ant-Man take on his GIANT MAN form (about 15-20 ft. height) and square off against Iron Man and his team. In terms of visuals, we’ll also see Ant-Man standing on one of Hawkeye’s arrows, ready to be launched. Very cool.”

Even better there is some additional news regarding War Machine’s potential upgrades:

“We know that Don Cheadle’s War Machine will be back in action for Civil War and it looks like he’ll be getting a serious armory upgrade as well. He’ll be looking more tank-style in this film and will have a new dual weapon that acts as a shoulder cannon/gun that can also be detached and used as a kind of warhammer/baton.”

On top of everything else we also have news on Falcon’s new look and the appearance of Redwing:

“While we’ve already seen The Falcon’s new costume, it’s to note that he’ll also be adding wrist lasers and grappling hooks, as well as a very familiar friend, albeit in a very different form. Comic fans have been wondering if we’ll see Sam Wilson’s famous telepathically-linked bird Redwing in the MCU for a while. Well, you will and you won’t, depending on how you look at it. Redwing will be featured as The Falcon’s helper/sidekick in CIVIL WAR, although there’s one big difference; Redwing will be a robotic drone, obviously “linked” to him, but not quite telepathically. The “bird” will be red in color and will resemble a cooler, modified MCU-like “bird” drone. Really, that makes perfect sense in how Mackie’s Falcon has been set up. A telepathically-linked bird seems like a lot to explain in an already packed film. A drone accessory makes more sense for this version of The Falcon.”

This is all speculation for now. These are all “rumors” that have not yet been confirmed, but JoBlo seems relatively confident and Heroic Hollywood seemed it relevant enough to post themselves so this could all come to fruition. If this is all true, this is all pretty awesome to hear. The Black Panther news alone is incredible, to see him take on Cap and actually be formidable is impressive and will be interesting to see on camera. The Ant-man news is amazing,and the idea that we will see the “Giant Man” version in an effort to stand toe to toe with Iron man is pretty intriguing. Then the news about Redwing, Falcon’s drone, is very exciting nd adds a new element to that character making him more powerful. All of the news is interesting, but again we must warn that these are not confirmed ad for the time being are pure speculation, really cool speculation, but speculation none the less.


So Bro Nation, what do you guys think of the news surrounding Captain America: Civil War? You excited for the film? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.