The curtain has fallen on the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, and what an amazing week it’s been. This festival is comprised of 105 films over the course of 10 days, and while it would have been nice to see them all, Bro Knows was only able to sample a portion. A large portion, but a portion nonetheless. After 16 feature length films and 24 short and short feature films, it’s safe to call BDFFF an absolute success. Buffalo Dreams is a well oiled machine of blatant awesomeness, due completely to the fierce dedication of its showrunners, Gregory Lamberson and Chris Scioli. These two work tirelessly to program one intense and well rounded festival, and perhaps what’s more impressive is the fact that they still remain completely approachable throughout. They do all the greeting, introductions, and personally hand out passes and talk to fans and festival goers. They are both constantly present to answer any questions, and in the case of Bro Knows, to just have an arbitrary conversation about programming and film selection and movies in general. On top of that, these two handle all the marketing and social media. Seriously, these guys do not sleep, retweeting and reposting and favoriting everything, including all of the Bro Knows posts and reviews.

Above all else, Buffalo Dreams is extremely filmmaker friendly. The format is linear, meaning that films don’t have to compete with one another. The whole fest is in one location, and the theater is a legitimate theater, not just a small informal screening room. Festival pass holders are able to partake in as much or as little as they’d like, and there are a few that catch almost every single film that plays. This is simply one of the best run, most intimate, and entertaining film festivals you can attend.

Buffalo Dreams also has there own awards. They hand out a ton of accolades in a multitude of categories to honor local filmmakers and the ones that travel. While we don’t want to get all worked up over it, the fact that so few local filmmakers come to promote their films or attend screenings, or even accept their awards is just sad, and it’s a slap in the face to the hardworking staff that have developed such an inclusive format. The full list of award winners can be found on their facebook page but we will highlight some of the bigger awards here before handing out a few of our own.

Best Short Film:

Caucemar Capitonne

Best Animated Film:

Time Chicken

Local Service Award:

Pat Swinney Kaufman

Local Hero Award:

Chris Cosgrave

Best Int’l Feature:

The Forest (Thailand)

Best Actor:

Jon Abrahams (Two For One)

Best Actress:

Maria Olsen (Reunion)

Best Director:

Matt Stuertz (Tonight She Comes)

Best Feature Film:

Two For One

There were a lot more awards than this given out, and you can find them all on the FaceBook page for the full list. Bro Knows likes to give out our own awards as well. Just as we did with the Buffalo International Film Festival. We want to preface our accolades by saying that we absolutely believe the Buffalo Dreams team made all the right decisions when giving out the dreamers. We also know that film is subjective, and our scope is much more limited as we screened half of what the fest has to offer, but we still want to share our favorites with you all. Without further delay, here are the Bro Knows Buffalo Dreams Awards!

Best Short Film (30 min or less)

Do You See What I See

A cool holiday spin on the potential perils surrounding the future of virtual reality gaming. This film is an innovative tilt on the typical slasher genre.

Best Short Feature (Over 30 Min)

Finish Line: The Rise and Demise of Off Track Betting

Best Micro Short (under 5 min)

Dogged (4 min)

Reminiscent of the ‘Black Mirror’ episode White Bear, Dogged is a feature film waiting to happen. Luckily, it’s being made into a feature film, which will hopefully show at next year’s BDFFF.

Best Ensemble Cast

Massacre On Aisle 12

Best Supporting Actress In a Feature Film

Ruth Reynolds (Reunion)

Best Supporting Actor In a Feature Film

Chad Ridgely (Massacre On Aisle 12)

Best Actor In a Feature Film

John T. Woods (Dead Bullet)

Best Actress In a Feature Film

Jenna McDonald (Tonight She Comes)

Best Director

Matt Stuertz (Tonight She Comes)

Best of The Fest (Best movie any length)

Tonight She Comes

The last award is a very special one, and it’s more or less just a special thank you to the crew that run the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival. Chris Scioli and Greg Lamberson put on an incredible festival, and are two, deeply committed and incredibly hard working individuals. Thank you to those two and their families for all they do to bring great artistry to Buffalo.


That’s going to close the book on our coverage for BDFFF 2016. This has been a blast and we hoped you enjoyed and appreciated all the reviews. We will definitely be back next year to provide you access and reviews from the fest. Thank you to the filmmakers for bringing their movies to Buffalo, allowing us to see some awesome indie films without having to jump the border and hightail it up to Toronto. Counting the minutes till next year, This is Bro Knows signing off from BDFFF! It’s been real movie fans!

We will be taking a couple days off, but pay attention this week when we drop our review of ‘Arrival’ and get back to delivering you guys our take on all the latest news, trailers, and films!