The lights have gone down on this years Buffalo International Film Festival. As of Monday night, the festival had ended, and after viewing 12 films, and 9 shorts over 4 days, It’s clear that BIFF X was a complete success. As a patron, who was able to experience a large portion of what this incredible festival had to offer, being able to attend screenings at 3 of the 4 venues, I can honestly say, as a Buffalo native, I have never been more proud of the hard work that the great individuals involved in making this production come to fruition put forth. Mass cooperation and incredible organization was necessary, and so I think I speak for all movie lovers when i say say thank you to all the people responsible for making this happen.

The Buffalo International Film Festival holds a special place in my heart now. It’s the first film festival I have had the pleasure of attending, and even more, the pleasure of covering for this site. The most difficult part of covering BIFF X, was trying to figure out which films to attend. With over 100 titles to peruse, it was no small task, and there are several films that I regret not being able to see. That said, the screenings I was able to attend were all fantastic, and perhaps the best part of it all, are the Q&A’s with the cast and crew of the films that premiered. Being able to sit and meet with the filmmakers, ask questions, and here about the genesis of their projects is just an unparalleled experience.

The Festival does give out awards, they are the Gold Bisons, and they are decided upon by a grand jury, that meticulously reviews and judges each of the festivals 100 plus entries. Here is a list of the award winners from BIFF X!

Special Jury Prize for WNY Student film

‘That’s My Baby’

Special Jury Prize for WNY Short

‘They Kill Things’

Special Jury Prize for Short Film

‘The End of Blessings’

Special Jury Prize Feature Documentary


Special Jury Prize Feature Narrative

Out of Innocence’

Special Jury Prize for WNY Feature Film

‘2307: Winters Dream’ (Reviewed by Bro Knows)

Gold Bison for WNY Student film

‘Beyond the Sea’

Gold Bison for WNY Short

‘The New Canada’

Gold Bison Short

‘Meeting Between Two Parked Cars’

Gold Bison for Feature Documentary

‘Tony Conrad: Completely in The Present’ (reviewed by Bro Knows)

Gold Bison for best Feature Film

‘Lovesong’ (reviewed by Bro Knows)

Gold Bison Super Snipe Award

‘Circuit Sizzle’

Gold Bison for best WNY Feature

‘Trew Calling’ (reviewed by Bro Knows)

Unfortunately, Bro Knows did not get an opportunity to see a large portion of the winners. That said, we were able to get out to a decent number of screenings and have a few of our own awards and honorable mentions to share with you. So we now humbly present to you the official Bro Knows BIFF Awards!!! A very narrow view of the best from BIFF as Bro Knows saw it!

Best Documentary

‘Tony Conrad: Completely In The Present’

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Best Documentary style Short

‘A House Without Snakes’

A moving and inspirational look into the lives of two young bushmen in Botswana dealing with life after displacement. A fantastic film that forego’s voice over narration, and let’s the subjects tell their own story.

Best Narrative Short

‘The Runner’

Director Justin Berardi creates a poetic narrative about loss, self discovery, and second chances. Electing to provoke an emotional response without any dialogue was a bold decision that paid huge dividends.

Best Actor in a Narrative Feature

Sam Donnelly ‘The Return’

Best Actress in a Narrative Feature

Riley Keough ‘Lovesong’

Best Director of a Narrative Feature

Oliver Nias ‘The Return’

Best Narrative Feature


Check out all of the reviews we did out of BIFF X on our social media. This has been one crazy weekend filled with tons of sitting and staring longingly at bright screens in dark rooms. This was literally a dream come true for Bro Knows, and the reason it was all possible has everything to do with the incredible staff at places like North Park Theater, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center and the Squeaky Wheel Film and Media Art Center. On top of that, the fine folks that work for the Buffalo International Film Festival like Executive Director Ray Guarnieri, Programming Director John Fink, and the rest of the board for BIFF. Counting the seconds until BIFF 11 next year, Bro Knows is officially signing off from our coverage for the festival. We will be back at it after this weekend with our normal slate of news and reviews for you!