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Happy Halloween movie fans! Yes it is finally here. After a month of preparation and decoration, Halloween is upon us. Thousands of girls and guys running around in Joker and Harley Quinn costumes, partying up a storm. Thousands of little boys and girls begging for candy. The whimsical nature of Halloween creates a fun atmosphere, but let us not forget, this is a celebration of the macabre. Halloween is the time of year when horror junkies can get their heavy handed fix via haunted houses and horror movies. It’s not weird to enjoy blood guts and death during October (and should never be considered weird any time of year). So on this day, the holiest of horror days, it’s important to remember that horror movies are awesome, and you should binge on them like they are the candy you’re handing out.

In honor of this fine holiday we have decided to countdown the top 5 best horror films of 2016. This year has been arguably one of the deepest in recent memory for the horror genre, and so below, we give you the best horror films of 2016.

5) Black Mirror: PlayTest

We know, We know, this isn’t technically a movie. Yes we are cheating already, but the fact that this is an episode of the amazing anthology series new to Netflix, does not make this story any less cinematic. It is a truly terrifying look into the potential of Virtual Reality gaming, and man’s internal psyche manifesting it’s subconscious three dimensionally. Black Mirror has consistently delivered incisive commentary on a variety of topics, but this is one of their few forays into true horror, and it deserves to be commended.

4) Hush

Netflix is back at it again with their original film Hush. Telling the story of a deaf woman being stalked by a mad man, this home invasion thriller ramps up the action by providing a unique perspective. What would it be like to face a predator if you could not hear them sneaking up behind you? Well, turns out it would absolutely horrifying. Even so, this film is quietly progressive, as it’s protagonist is an incredible strong female figure. With a unique take on a classic premise, Hush is an intelligent yet simple horror film.

3) The Invitation

This is an insanely creepy film with an atmosphere that leaches itself to you and follows you around long after the credits roll. The Invitation is an unsettling take on the Cultist genre. This is the type of intensive psychological horror that creeps up very slowly. Centering on a dinner party that breeds suspicion and paranoia, a group of friends meet at a home for what they thought was just a friendly gathering, and turns into something more wildly sinister. Absolutely brilliant film, that creates such tension, you’ll be sweating the whole time. You might actually need some therapy after this one.

2) Don’t Breathe

In the vein of Hush, Don’t Breath is a role reversal on the home invasion story. A few misguided deviants looking for a quick buck, soon learn that their mark isn’t as helpless as they initially thought. This is a high octane pressure filled horror film complete with unrelenting tension and an innovative structure. The characters are so incredibly well developed and the antagonist is absolutely terrifying. Don’t Breathe is literally one extended piece of monologuing away from being the absolute perfect home invasion thriller.

1) The Witch

Not exactly the typical representation of horror we have come to know, The Witch is the most stylistically inclined production made in the last 20 years. This is an incredibly slow building psychological horror that is so surreally authentic it will chill you to your soul. Following a puritan family recently cast out of their village, they settle adjacent to an ominous forest where the children are warned to not enter unsupervised. After the apparent abduction of the youngest member, the family starts to unravel from the top down. The Witch is a haunting story that turns the family dynamic into a cautionary tale of how trauma affects mental health, and how the deterioration of that health destroys a family. This is an incredibly subversive and cerebral story that will dig it’s claws deep into your psyche and never let go.

So what do you guys think of the list? Drop a comment and let us know. Happy Halloween!