Welcome to the first ever mini review by Bro Knows. Our movie reviews are certainly the most time consuming segments we have, as a result we’re not always able to review all of the films that we’d like. In an effort to bring you more content and more reviews we’ve decided to implement mini reviews. We will still be doing our full reviews for some of the larger release films but the mini reviews will allow us to review smaller movies and VOD releases as well!


The Gallows


Twenty years after an accident during a small town high school play results in death, students at the school resurrect the failed stage production in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy – but ultimately find out that some things are better left alone.


Blumhouse productions has made a living off of providing micro budget horror films that release and turn a quick profit and make them a lot of money. The most recent project in their catalog is The Gallows. Every year we get a few summer release horror films to try and counter program the larger superhero epics and big budget action films. The hope is that the horror junkies will check out whatever the studio releases regardless of quality, and that a portion of the general public will be weary of the monotonous summer blockbusters and look for a smaller film to quench their movie thirst. With The Gallows being the first of the summer horror releases (Sinister 2 soon to come), the public is provided another unoriginal found footage horror film. The hope was that this film could create something uniquely terrifying. The marketing for the film would have you believe that the goal here was to make the ghostly antagonist an icon the likes of Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. The problem is that there is absolutely nothing iconic about this film, or even memorable for that matter.The new world horror that relies solely on the jump scare has ruined the genre. The Gallows becomes just another clunky uneven jump scarathon that fails to deliver any atmospheric frights, which is an opportunity lost considering the setting of a school late at night can be a useful tool in creating tension.

The biggest issue with the film lies with the cast. Even the worst of scripts can sometimes be saved by a few great performances, but The Gallows is not bolstered by performances and instead hindered by them. What a good horror movie needs to do is provide likable character that the audience can empathize with so that their well being is something that the audience is invested in. This film gives us four of the most annoying shallow and obnoxious characters we’ve seen on screen this summer. The fact is, a third of the way through this film, you’ll be practically begging for these people to die.

The Gallows is nothing more than a mindless film with shallow characters an uneven plot and an awful anti-climactic resolution. If you’re hoping to find a solid summer horror to break up the monotony then you’ll have to look elsewhere as The Gallows will do little more than frustrate you with it’s hyper predictability, terrible dialogue, and poor performances. There is not a single fright to be had and the film relies on cheap jump scares that never land. This is just another found footage money grab that will unfortunately find a way to reach profitability.

1/5 Not Cool Bro