Hello Bro Nation! Welcome to another week of Bro Knows Presents: Box Office Weekly! The is the weekly segment where we talk the box office numbers. We break down the numbers and discuss what it all means!

Top Box Office


Minions dethrones Jurassic World

Well.. The mighty have fallen. Jurassic World has finally slid from the top spot this weekend and a new champion has been crowned. Minions is your new champion! The spin off movie from the Despicable Me franchise has garnered top honors in it’s opening week, finally knocking off the king of the box office Jurassic World. Minions pulled in a spectacular $116 million opening weekend. Minions actually did more opening weekend than it’s predecessor Despicable Me 2 by close to $30 million. Being just one of two main family options this weekend helped boost ticket totals and helped this film project to self to the top spot by an extremely large margin.

It had to happen sooner or later. Jurassic World finally drops out of the top spot, but still managed to firmly plant itself in second place. While the drop off was still quite massive, the film still found a way to gross another $18.1 million this weekend pushing its domestic total to a whopping $590.6 million! This leaves it in fourth place all time for domestic gross behind Avatar, Titanic, and Avengers. However it is slowly creeping up on the superheroes and may have a shot at sliding into that third spot. What Jurassic World did was unprecedented and out of left field. It’s unclear whether it was just nostalgia or blind luck but either way Jurassic World cashed in big time.


Inside Out loses the record but wins in profits

The number three spot goes to the Disney Animated giant Inside Out. after a number of days outside of the top spot Inside out was all set to collect the record for highest grossing film to never reach number one at the box office. Well so much for the record. Inside Out reached the top spot for a brief moment earlier this week, it was short lived, but it did in fact hit number one so that small piece of history is unfortunately gone. That being said, Disney isn’t losing much sleep over it since Inside Out has earned a domestic total of $283.6 million thus far, including $17.1 million this weekend. Not too bad Disney, it’s clear that families ruled the box office this week with Minions and Inside Out sitting in the top three.

Terminator Genisys has been.. A disappointment to say the least. It’s clear that the quality of the film is conducive to the profitability. In just its second week Terminator pulled in just $13.7 million delivering a massive 50% drop off from it’ opening week. What this says to us is that everyone who was going to see this film did so last week and this film is all set to fall into nothingness. The two week domestic total is a meager $68.7 million dollars. Terminator Genisys has not yet crossed the line of profitability and with films like Ant Man opening next weekend the prognosis is not great. There is little hope that this film will make any additional waves but the hope is that it will at least find a way to stay relevant and remain in the top 5 for a few more weeks, though that seems unlikely.

rounding out the top 5 is the latest Blumhouse horror flick The Gallows. The production company Blumhouse has made an absolute killing with these micro budget horror films that make 10 times their budgets in profits simply because their budgets resemble steak dinner prices at a half way decent restaraunt. Now were not saying there is anything wrong with that, in fact it’s brilliant. The Gallows only made $10 million in it’s opening weekend, yet somehow it’s still profitable. With a low overhead this is the type of film that can reach profitability with relatively low box office numbers. It’s unlikely that The Gallows will stick around the top 5 beyond this week, but it won’t matter very much, blumhouse is still laughing it’s way to the bank.

The honorable mentions this week that sit just out of the top 5 are Magic Mike XXL and Ted 2 in the 6th and 7th spot respectively. Magic Mike has been a little bit of a mess not being able to recreate the profitability and cult status of its original. Pulling in just $9.6 million in it’s second week and $48.3 million total, XXL has proven that it’s little more than a bachelorette party favor, and plays only to women singling out one demographic and cutting off half of it’s potential revenue stream. Ted 2 is also relatively disappointing. In it’s third week it manages to only muster $5.6 million bringing its total domestic gross to just $71.6 million an unfortunately not able to match the original in quality or box office revenue.


Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsly do not produce big numbers

The biggest shock surrounding this weekends box office has to be the new film Self/Less, starring Ryan Reynolds, making just $5.3 million in it’s opening weekend slotting in the 8th spot. The biggest let down is probably just the lack of overall box office. We have been spoiled with great films and a lot of options but this weekend left us with the with the biggest gap from number on to number two that we have seen. The summer is in full swing and yet the numbers this week are down, unless you’re the Minions, then you’re super happy.

That’s all for us here with this weeks Box Office Weekly. What did you guys out in Bro Nation think of the numbers this past weekend? What do you guys think is the biggest surprise this week? How about the biggest let down? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.