Hello Bro Nation! Welcome to another week of Bro Knows Presents: Box Office Weekly! The weekly segment where we talk the box office numbers. We break down the numbers and discuss what it all means!

Top Box Office

Those pint sized little evil sidekicks have been ripped from the top spot by an even smaller character. Ant Man has topped the box office this week pulling in a respectable $58 million. While some might think that $58 million is a bomb for a Marvel movie, being a lesser known comic character, this result will likely please Disney Marvel and positive word of mouth promises to keep this movie in the top 5 for a while. With films like Minions and the surprise hit Trainwreck both opening this weekend it definitely detracted from the miniscule superhero but ultimately the film still opened well to decent numbers and solid critical response. The hope for Marvel is that this film has legs and stays near the top for multiple weeks.


Minions hangs on to the number 2 spot!

Our little yellow friends slipped from the top spot to make way for the ant sized hero. Minions falls to number 2 by a narrow margin pulling in a solid $50.2 million, bringing its 2 week domestic total to a resounding $216.7 million. while experiencing a drop of 56% in revenue from week 1 to week 2, Disney is likely not batting an eye as the film still remains in the top 5 and still managed to pull in a hefty amount even with Ant Man opening this weekend. Minions is still one of the only family options out currently so it’s stands to reason that the film will have legs moving forward and has an opportunity to keep itself relevant in the box office discussion for at least a few more weeks.

Number 3 this week is the new Amy Schumer lead comedy Trainwreck. Amassing a very solid $30.2 million in it’s opening weekend. The number proves that comedian Amy Schumer can open a movie and is officially an A list celebrity. Bringing Judd Apatow back into the forefront, Trainwreck was a profitable film that plans to hang around in the top 5 for a few weeks. The only straight comedy currently out, it’s also the only film with any true romance involved. The word of mouth and critical response will only help to bolster the film making it’s box office numbers buoyant.

Coming in at number 4 is Disney animated Inside Out. Bringing in another $11.6 million and now with its domestic 5 week total at $306.3 million, Inside Out has become a nicely profitable film for the mighty conglomerate. Being the only other family option outside of Minions has certainly helped its box office run, but the fact that it’s managed to remain in the top 4 for 5 straight weeks is what is impressive. Taking just a 34% drop from last week to this week is a feat unto itself given that Minions and Ant Man are both films thought to be eating into its market share.


Jurassic World is primed to take over Avengers spot in box office history

Rounding out the top 5 this weekend is the film that just refuses to quit, Jurassic World. Remaining in the top 5 for the 6th straight week, Jurassic World pulled in another $11.4 million. This brings it’s 6 week domestic total to an astonishing $611.1 million and its worldwide total to a goliath $1.513 billion. Jurassic World is now just $12 million behind the first Avengers movie for the number 2 spot all time domestically and it’s currently number 4 all time worldwide. Jurassic World has absolutely controlled the box office for the last month and a half and it doesn’t seem to have any end in sight, with Pixels, Southpaw and Paper Towns opening this coming weekend, there is actually still a chance that Jurassic World stays in the the top 5.

The honorable mentions this week that sit just out of the top 5 are Terminator Genisys and Magic Mike XXL at 6 and 7 respectively. Terminator grossing an additional $5.4 million bringing its domestic total up to $80.6 million and its worldwide total up to $277.44 million. With a budget of $170 million, and given the marketing budget and the theater take on ticket prices it would appear that this film is still teetering on the side of a loss for the studio. Just remember that the production budget is just one cost. Factor in marketing at a conservative $50 million, and remember that theaters take about ⅓ of the price of each ticket as there take for hosting the film and now that 277 million dollars doesn’t feel like a profitable number given the expenses. Terminator by all measures is a flop to this point. Magic Mike XXL brings in an additional $4.5 million this week making for a domestic gross of $58.6 million and a worldwide total of 89.6 million. Magic Mike XXL had a production budget of just $14.8 million, so this film has certainly reached profitability, but still disappointing in terms of projections compared to the original.


Trainwreck made big waves at the box office

The biggest surprise with this weeks box office may very well be the strong opening for Trainwreck. A Judd Apatow comedy starring a few lesser known comedic actors opening 3rd with $30 million plus is pretty impressive. The biggest let down this weekend is probably that Ant Man didn’t open bigger. Compared to Thor: The Dark World, which opened with $80 plus million, Ant Man had a modest opening. While $58 million is nothing to sneeze at, The hope was that it would garner more attention.

That’s all for us here with this weeks Box Office Weekly. So what did you guys out in Bro Nation think of of the numbers from this past weekend? What do you guys think is the biggest surprise this week? What do you think was the biggest let down? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.