Welcome to our first edition of Bro Knows’ Box Office Weekly. The once a Monday segment where we talk the numbers and what they mean. We will go through the top five grossing films of the weekend and then give our take on it all.

Top Box Office


King of the Box Office

The juggernaut that is Jurassic World has conquered once again stealing the number one spot for the third straight week. This week the dino’s pulled in a massive 54.2 million dollars. Taking a minor 42% drop from last week and bringing its 3 week total to a massive 500 million dollars. Jurassic World is on pace to easily exceed 1 billion worldwide and be the 3rd film of the year to join the billion dollar box office club after Furious 7 and Avengers: Age of Ultron both eclipsed the achievement earlier this year. We will certainly be keeping an eye out over the upcoming weeks to see just how high this blockbuster can climb.

Coming in second place for the second straight week is the Pixar phenomenon Inside Out. Inside Out will likely go down as the best animated film of the year and to some is already a lock for the oscar next February so it’s no shock that it’s done so well financially. Managing to pull in a whopping 52.1 million dollars, just barely being edged out by Jurassic World. Tallying a two week total of 184.9 million dollars, Inside Out promises to be a wholly profitable film while still being able to maintain a quality standard that Pixar has built their reputation on. If Inside Out keeps building this kind of buzz then it may have an outside shot at that billion dollar club.

ted bk

Ted 2 comes in a respectable 3rd

Ted 2 opens to moderate success this weekend, able to slate itself safely into the third slot behind to very large tent pole. The little raunchy foul mouthed bear was able to get the studio a solid 33 million dollars at current projections. 33 million is nothing to sneeze at given the two films to finish the weekend in front were big budget staples for the studios. Ted 2 was made with a modest budget and was a great vehicle for Seth Macfarlane to prove to the studios he can still be profitable after the disastrous A Million Ways To Die In The West. While it’s still unclear what the drop off is going to be for this movie considering what’s opening next week Ted 2 is still likely to linger in the top 5 for at least another week.

The lovable marine dog that could, Max was able to fall into the Top 5 creeping its way in at 4. Without question a project that few thought would garner any real profitability, it’s a positive film geared toward families that was able to bring some successful counter programming to Ted 2 this weekend. Max was able to bring in a respectable 12.2 million dollar opening weekend. For a low budget family film, Max was able to be successful in a saturated summer market, which is actually quite refreshing to see.

Rounding out the top 5 is the Melissa Mccarthy film Spy. Entering it’s 4th week, Spy has officially started to lose steam, but was still able to keep itself relevant and in the top 5. Bringing in a decent 7.8 million dollars bringing its total up to 88 million dollars during it’s 4 week run so far. Only a 30% drop off from last week Spy will likely fall out of the top 5 and maybe even the top 7 with Magic Mike XXL and Terminator: Genisys both opening this coming weekend.

dope bo

Dope unfortunately slips from the top 5

The honorable mentions outside of the top 5 are San Andreas and Dope at 6 and 7 respectively. The real delight is Dope, which unfortunately spent just one week in the top 5 despite being the best film in the top 7 currently. San Andreas and Dwayne Johnson have finally started to cool off after a solid run, but both will likely fall out of the top 10 after this week.

The biggest surprise this week in the box office has to be that Jurassic World is still somehow still at number one in a crowded summer slate. The biggest let down has to be that Dope has slipped out of the top 5, considering it’s one of the best movies out right now.

So that’s it for the first installment of our newest segment Box office Weekly. What did you guys out in Bro Nation think of this weeks breakdown? What do you guys think is the biggest surprise? How about this weeks let down? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.