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Hello Bro Nation!! Welcome to the second installment of Netflix Picks where every week Bro Knows will do our best to spotlight 3-4 properties that are currently streaming on the site that we recommend and why. As always feedback is appreciated so let us know what you guys think of the segment. We will also rate the properties we discuss on this segment using the classic 1-5 bro knows scale.

#1 Netflix Pick



The Netflix originals have been stirring up quite a buzz as of late, but one the shows that is low key one of the best TV shows period. With shows like Orange is The New Black and Daredevil overshadowing it, Bloodline is a diamond in the rough and a show that you need to see. The cast is stellar. Ben Mendelsohn (Slow West)  as the eldest brother who is the black sheep is incredible. Able to play this sleazy yet brilliantly sneaky and understatedly evil character he provides some of the most unsettling moments the show has to offer and does so in convincing fashion. Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) plays the middle child and the most even keeled anchor of the family. Also the sheriff Chandler is the essentially the main character in a great ensemble cast show. The standoff that ensue between Mendelsohn and the rest of the family is almost terrifying and yet some how endearing in it’s intensity. This show is a must see and is one of the more ballsy properties that Netflix has produced to date.


#2 Netflix Pick



The role that brought on the oscar buzz for Jennifer Aniston, Cake is a movie that is a must watch based on performances alone. The emotional journey of a woman struggling with recover after a serious accident while dealing with life after divorce and a serious drug problem. The story for Cake is not a fleshed out as much as preferred but it’s a character driven film. The actions and reactions of the characters all feel real and believable. Aniston puts in the performance of a lifetime as this cynical woman that is haunted by her demons including the spirit of a woman in her drug treatment group played by Anna Kendrick. She then seeks out the widower of said woman (Sam Worthington) and develops a strange empathetic relationship while dealing with each other’s emotional baggage. The film is powerful and is a brilliant character study of a struggling woman in a downward spiral through life just looking for solace. Cake is a must see so check it out on Netflix ASAP!


#3 Netflix Pick



Matthew Mcconaughey has been methodically building his resume over the last 5 years and has now become powerhouse talent that is a joy to watch on screen. From Dallas Buyers Club to Interstellar he has turned in some incredible performances, but the role that arguably kicked it all off was his role in Mud. He plays this gruff drifter hiding out in an abandoned boat in a tree washed up on a small island off of a rural river community. Two kids just looking for something to keep busy with stumble upon him and he then enters int an agreement with the boys to help him reunite with his love (Reese Witherspoon). From there the plot starts to unravel and the boys realize that Mud may not have been as upfront and honest as he initially lead on and the kids become entangled in a web of deceit murder and mayhem as Mud tries to come together and run away with the love of his life. The film premiered the same year Mcconaughey won his oscar for Dallas Buyers Club and some were arguing he could have been nominated for this role as well. The cast is fantastic and Tye Sheridan shines as one of the two kids that becomes involved in Mud’s plot. This film is a must see and will show another layer to Mcconaughey that will only help solidify his status as a star.


That’s all for this installment of Bro Knows Presents: Netflix picks! So what did you guys out in Bro Nation think of the picks? You guys already check out these properties? Did you guys like them or not so much? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.