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Hello Bro Nation! Welcome to the first installment of the newest segment Bro Knows Presents: Netflix Picks. This is the segment where we get a chance to spotlight some properties worth checking out on everyone’s favorite streaming site. More importantly this will give everyone the first taste of television on this site. For the most part we have stuck to Movies and movie news, but given that a large portion of what people watch on Netflix is television shows and Netflix originals we have decided to expand this segment to include television.

Every week Bro Knows will do our best to spotlight 3-4 properties that are currently streaming on the site that we recommend and why. As always feedback is appreciated so let us know what you guys think of the segment. We will also rate the properties we discuss on this segment using the classic 1-5 bro knows scale.

#1 Netflix Pick



By now most have probably seen or heard of the Netflix original series by Marvel Daredevil. Undoubtedly this will not be the first time someone has prompted you to check out this series, but never the less this is still the one show that we suggest you check out immediately. Netflix has several shows and even a few that have released more recently than Daredevil, but with Marvel’s influence and a forum that allows them more freedom with storytelling, this is easily the most exciting series Netflix has offered thus far. In fact this might be one of the best Marvel studios properties, including the movie universe, that we have seen. This iteration of Daredevil is not Ben Affleck’s hokey early 2000’s and is very dark and elaborate property that brings depth to a character that only 13 episodes could. The performances, especially Vincent D’onofrio as Wilson Fisk a.k.a Kingpin, are absolutely incredible and cast to perfection. The story flows seamlessly throughout and there is not a wasted episode in the bunch. The key to the whole series is realism, it’s not superheroes with superpowers per se, but instead, real men with believable motives. Daredevil is a must watch as soon as possible.

4.7/5 EPIC BRO

#2 Netflix Pick

Orange is The New Black


I don’t think anyone needed Bro Knows to help them understand the craze that is OITNB. From the very first season, creator Jenji Kohan has developed a character driven series that has garnered a cult following unlike any other. Well now that Season 3 has finally arrived for viewers binge watching pleasure, everyone can get their fix, at least until they run out of episodes and find themselves fiending for more. The new season of OITNB finds itself coming off of it’s juiciest most well recieved seasons, and unfortunately lacks some of the focus that the preceding two seasons had, and as a result of the shows set up doesn’t provide full focus on the characters we have come to love and instead provides insights on other smaller characters. Even with some of the setbacks we are still given an incredible television show that few will complain about. Also this would be a good time to thank the creators for giving us Ruby Rose, she kicks ass in the show and is unbelievably attractive in all the best ways. This season may have slipped ever so slightly in it’s quality, but make no mistake, Orange is The New Black season 3 is still very much worth the watch.

4.2/5 Pretty Cool Bro

#3 Netflix Pick



This is easily one of the craziest, most fun movies you’re likely to find on Netflix right now. Stretch will have you confused and excited and a little disgusted from start to finish. Following a down on his luck cab driver and former drug addict (Patrick Wilson) as he tries to earn a living and pay back some bad people. He takes on the job of a lifetime that could solve all of his monetary concerns in one night in the form of an eccentric billionaire played to perfection by Chris Pine. What ensues is one of the most insane evenings that you could possibly fathom. Stretch is one of those films that was meant for wide release but fell through the cracks due to issues with the marketing and distribution, but has found a home on VOD and Netflix where it is starting to create some buzz for itself. With some solid star power behind it and an interesting story, Stretch is safe bet for a movie night with friends. Think of Stretch as the Crank movies with more plot and less Statham.

3.8/5 Pretty Cool Bro

That’s all for the first installment of Bro Knows Presents: Netflix picks! So what did you guys out in Bro Nation think of the new segment? You guys already check out these properties? Did you guys like them or not so much? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.