Hello Bro Nation! Welcome to our weekly segment where we give you the top 5 lists regarding movie related items for the no other reason than the fact that we think making lists is fun! With San Diego Comic-Con this weekend it seems only fitting that we count down the top 5 best comic book related films of all time. Comic-Con promises to bring lot’s of exciting new news so stay tuned to Bro Knows for up to date information this weekend and for now enjoy the Top 5 Friday: Best Comic Book related films of all time.

5) Blade


Blade is the type of Comic book movie that made people realize that not all heros wear a cape. In fact some heroes aren’t really all that heroic, at least traditionally speaking. Wesley Snipes dawning the leather trench coat and high top fade gave us one of the most badass comic book characters the silver screen has ever seen. The best part is that the movie still holds up today, which is partly why we haven’t seen a Blade reboot, that and the Blade: Trinity was that bad. Snipe and company helped put obscure comics on the map and ushered in a darker tone that few thought we would see. Ultimately appealing to horror audiences more than comic book fans, make no mistake that Blade is a comic book film, and a damn good one.

4) Watchmen


A comic book that many believed to be unfilmable, Zack Snyder took on the challenge and what he was able to create is one of the deepest most thought provoking superhero/comic book films ever made. The epic film divided fans that were unsure if sticking so close to the source material was a detriment to its success. Snyder gave us a three hour phenomenon of a film that unfortunately appealed to niche audiences and turned off some of the more casual fans due to it’s subject matter being a much darker tone than normally practiced by previous superhero genre projects. Either way this film created discussion and buzz like no other and helped blur the line between superhero fluff film, and thought provoking character study.

3) Iron Man

iron man

The movie that sparked a revolution, Iron Man deserves a spot on the list for being the catalyst for the Marvel Cinematic Universe alone. The film that re introduced Robert Downey Jr. and gave us the earnest beginnings to the vast and complex Avengers universe we’ve grown to love. Kevin Feige and director Jon Favreau were able to create an incredibly popular franchise based around a relatively unknown property. The quality of the first film allowed for the success of the next two lesser sequels and helped spawn several other characters in a shared universe. Thanks to Iron Man we have a new found love and respect for Marvel and superheroes alike, and Disney and Marvel have a boatload of cash to stow away.

2) Road To Perdition


I’m sure there a large group of people that failed t realize that this beautifully violent crime epic is actually based on a graphic novel. Tom Hanks plays The gangster assassin Michael to perfection and Daniel Craig, pre-bond, is absolutely incredible as the son of the crime boss. The story provides us with an amazing father son tale both ends of the spectrum and is one of the best acted films of the last 15 years, and might be one of the best acted comic book films of all time. Road To Perdition is proof that a comic book film can be an incredible period piece and transcend the standard preconceived notions that follow the comic book genre. Also giving us some of the best lines in a film ever, including the Bro Knows favorite “Look around Michael, There are only Murderers in this room! open your eyes!”

1) The Dark Knight


The ultimate comic book movie with the ultimate comic book hero and the most famous comic book villain, there should be little surprise that The Dark Knight is number one on this list. Coming off of the incredible Batman Begins which re-launched the Batman series after the terrible misfire that is Batman Forever ruined the character for a decade. Heath Ledger gave us the greatest performance in a comic book film that we are likely to ever see playing the maniacal Joker, he was the stuff of nightmares. Christian Bale is still in the discussion for best Batman of all time, and Christopher Nolan provided us the gritty realism that the new DC franchises hope to emulate. Ledger’s iconic performance helped allowed Bale’s Batman to evolve and become more dynamic than ever. The Dark Knight officially changed the superhero genre for the better and effectively grabbed the attention of millions having us pining for more.

Thats all for this weeks Top 5. What do you guys think of the list? Any Movies you think we left off? What is your number 1 comic book related film? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.