2016 was an excellent year for film, filled with some of the biggest and best movies in recent memory. As we enter the new year it’s important to look forward to the horizon of cinema. 2017 promises to be another incredible year filled with some massive blockbusters and hopefully some independent gems. Bro Knows will be dedicated all year long to bringing you the latest news and reviews, as well as amping up our festival coverage by adding to the number we plan to cover. We are very excited for our plans heading into 2017, but more importantly, we are very excited for the 2017 film slate. That said, we are happy to bring you our list of the top 20 most anticipated films in 2017.

20) Beauty and The Beast (March 17th)


This is definitely a movie to get excited for.  With Bill Condon helming the live action remake of the disney animated classic and an excellent cast, this easily one of the biggest releases 2017 has to offer. Disney is looking to have another great year, and Beauty and The Beast will undoubtedly be a monster success for them.

19) Justice League (November 17th)


It’s a little sad that this isn’t higher on the list, but with the issues that loomed over BvS and the complete let down that was Suicide Squad, there is some expected trepidation heading into the Justice League movie. Zack Snyder is definitely looking to rebound from a film that garnered some deserved criticism for its distinct lack of focus and loose character development. That said, the trailer for this film looks great and it’s set to be the biggest comic book movie of the year.

18) Lego Batman (February 10th)


This is a no brainer. The Lego Movie was an absolute delight that was completely robbed by the academy and one of the best characters from that film was Will Arnett’’s Batman. Bringing the superhero world to the Lego franchise is sure to be a crowd pleaser and all of the marketing has been amazing to date. The good news is that we don’t have to wait too long into 2017 to get a chance to see this.

17) Kong: Skull Island (March 10th)


This is going to be epic. Looking to build a new franchise that resides in the same universe as Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, this version of Kong is scaled to compete with the lizard. The ensemble cast in this movie is out of control and the first two trailers have been a spectacle. Kong promises an amazing monster movie that will hopefully raise the stakes.

16) Ghost in The Shell (March 31st)


This promises to be a polarizing film, for better or worse. The controversy surrounding the allegations of whitewashing have already derailed the film a bit, but even with that, the trailer was beautiful. The Manga is extremely popular, but casting Scarlett Johansson as The Major may cost the studio money in foreign markets. Fingers are crossed that this movie good enough that it won’t matter because for a generation of anime junkies, this is a dream come true.

15) Alien Covenant (May 19th)


Ridley Scott has proven he can still make an amazing movie with The Martian, and now he returns to his labor of love–the Alien franchise. Covenant looks to return the franchise to it’s horror roots, and the trailer and first teaser poster draw a lot of parallels to the original. The cast is great and Scott seems to have listened to the fans gripes about Prometheus and is bringing back the traditional xenomorphs.

14) Dark Tower (July 28th)


Stephen King film adaptations have traditionally been a bit of struggle. The Dark Tower series is basically the be all end all of Stephen King’s catalog and so it’s about time a film was made. With Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey headlining there is a lot of optimism to be had. No official trailers or marketing material of any kind have dropped just yet, but this will hopefully be one of the best King adaptations.

13) John Wick Chapter 2 (February 10th)


John Wick came completely out of left field and was a complete surprise hit. The film, directed by a couple of stunt men, was one of the most fun and well choreographed action movies in quite some time. John Wick Chapter 2 looks to bring more ofthe same. We want more John Wick, and we definitely want more from the weird hitman hotel “The Continental.” This is definitely not going to catch anyone by surprise this time around.

12) Spiderman: Homecoming (July 7th)


Another clear edition to the list. The Sony Marvel group project that is Spiderman Homecoming looks to have all the makings for greatness. The trailer was pretty amazing and by bringing in heavyweight Robert Downey Jr. to ensure that everyone knows that this Spidey officially resides in the Marvel universe is genius. This is one superhero movie that is going to make a lot of people very happy. No more 30 year olds playing high school Peter Parker!

11) Kingsman: The Golden Circle (October 6th)


Kingsman is the captivating and electric comic adaptation that took 2015 by storm. Who would have thought that Colin Firth could be such a badass. Plus we were introduced to Taron Egerton. The Golden Circle ups the ante by bringing in a star studded cast and drops some hints that maybe Colin Firth will be back to reprise his roll.

10) Thor: Ragnarok (November 3rd)


Another Marvel movie. It’s pretty impossible not to include the yearly Marvel project on a most anticipated list since all they do is make hit after hit. Thor: The Dark World was a bit of a let down but Ragnarok has promised a team up between Thor and The Hulk and that is irresistible.

9) War For The Planet of The Apes (July 14th)


The last apes movie brought us apes in horses. This apes movie brings us Saving Private Ryan with apes. Woody Harrelson steps into his role as badass antagonist and as a result it looks like we have ourselves an epic clash between him and Caesar about to unfold. Unclear just how close we are to the Charlton Heston timeline, War looks to be an epic episodic entry into the franchise.

8) Wonder Woman (June 2nd)


Warner Brothers have had a rough go of it, but one of the best parts of Batman v Superman was Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. This has inspired great confidence in her standalone movie, and with  great cast and a great trailer it’s impossible not to get excited. Not to mention this is the first contemporary female led superhero film and it’s long overdue.

7) Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (May 5th)


Baby Groot!!! Enough said.

6) Logan (March 3rd)


Aside from the trailer being the greatest Johnny Cash music video of all time, this is by all accounts Hugh Jackman’s last ride as Wolverine. While we hoe he seriously reconsider his retirement, this appears to be a fitting send off. The Wolverine stand alone films have gone from awful to not bad and now hopefully Logan will be the success it looks to be.

Honorable Mentions!

honorable mentions.jpg

Murder On The Orient Express, Valerian: City of a Thousand Planets, King Arthur: Legend of The Sword, It, The Circle, Split

5) Star Wars Episode 8 (December 15th)


It’s a Star Wars movie so it’s going to be on the list. The Force Awakens helped bring back the nostalgia and the wonder that the original films produced and this past year, Rogue One delivered a truly mesmerizing and spectacular entry. Episode 8 will hopefully be the new trilogy’s Empire, and with Rian Johnson at the helm, this will hopefully be everything we’ve wanted.

4) Dunkirk (July 21st)


Christopher Nolan directing a war epic about the battle at Dunkirk is enough to get any cinephile excited. Shot entirely in Imax, one thing is absolutely certain, this film will be big and beautiful. This will hopefully be the project that gets Christopher Nolan his best director academy award and maybe even best picture.

3) Get Out (February 24th)


This one may catch a few people off guard, but Jordan Peel’s directorial debut and a twilight zone like premise has us very very excited. This is a horror movie variation that looks to have an interestingly original story that should captivate and entertain. The trailer alone should be enough to motivate film goers, but if not, heed our warning and be excited for this movie.

2) T2: Trainspotting (March 3rd)

t2 trainspotting.jpg

Reuniting Danny Boyle with the entire original cast is a dream come true. Trainspotting was one of the most haunting films and one of the most surreal depictions of drug abusers you will come across. T2 will hopefully match the intensity of the first and deliver a story that builds upon the gritty emotion exuding from it’s predecessor. It’s impossible not to get excited to revisit some of the most complex and interesting characters in cinematic history. Thank you Danny Boyle!

1) Blade Runner: 2049 (October 6th)


The original Blade Runner is a complete masterpiece. Ridley Scott delivered one of the most spellbinding and horrific visions of a dystopian future that had you questioning humanity, their purpose and motivations. Denis Villeneuve looks to pick up the mantle and bring us the sequel worth the near 30 year wait. With Ryan Gosling stepping into the lead and Harrison Ford reprising his role as Deckard, our cup runneth over with anticipation for this movie. Villeneuve is coming off of Arrival, which is truly amazing and prior to that he gave us Sicario, so he’s on one insane hot streak.