Hey there Bro Knows fans and welcome to the inaugural “Casey Picks 5,” a bi-weekly-ish countdown of films from various topics. “Bi-weekly-ish?” You may be saying to yourself and my answer to that is…. Yep! Get ready for tons of alliteration and fabricated vocabulary, as we break down the best of the best (based on my superior opinion of course). Every 2 weeks or so, depending if I get distracted by a new video game, I will be bringing you my favorites from genres, actors, seasons, and well just about any list I can make up. As this is my first venture into the daring and not played out at all–realm of movie ranking, I will be teeing up softball of a list. This week I bring you the “Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time.” I am sure a majority of you will disagree with me pretty much the whole way through, but I would like you to keep in mind, I do not care. Dissent and differing of opinion are not encouraged, nor will it be tolerated. It’s my list and I’ll pick what I want to.. Of course this is sarcasm, and Bro Knows always welcomes civil discourse in all of it’s forms (Kinda).  With that being said, let’s get this bad boy started!

(No. 5) A Christmas Story “You’ll shoot your eye out kid” – Santa Clause (and many others)



Christmas day is one of the best days of the year, is it the presents? Or the family time? Or maybe the good food? Nope none of these, for me it is the 24 hours of A Christmas Story running on TBS. A full day of bunny pajamas, red rider bb guns, leg lamps, and of course the Bumpuses turkey stealing hounds. Growing up in Western, NY–I can’t help but feel a connection to Ralphie dealing with his families struggle through the day to day life of rust belt living and his parents just doing their best to provide a loving home. Though this comes in at #5 on my list it easily could have been ranked #1.

(No.4) Home Alone – “You guys give up? Or are you thirsty for more?” – Kevin McCallister


If you can find me one person in the US that was born in the 80’s and didn’t have a Talkboy on their Christmas list in the 90’s and I will show you a Mormon….. kidding…. Maybe….. Any weird, this has always been one of my favorite Christmas time movies. I mean what kid didn’t fantasize about setting their house up with a bevy of life threatening booby-traps? Seriously, go back and watch that movie as an adult with a working knowledge of how frail the human body actually is. Those hapless robbers should have died in the first 10 min. As the season approaches and you start surfing the channels for something to get you in the mood do not pass over the piece of slap stick hilarity from your childhood.

(No. 3) Charlie Brown Christmas – “I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not a bad tree at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.” – Linus

charlie brown.jpg

If my family were to have anything resembling a Christmas tradition watching this movie together is the one I would call out.  The only movie in our Christmas collection that I will green light watching prior to Thanksgiving Day, it is a delightful film that spans generations.

(No.2) Its’s A Wonderful Life – “Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings” – Zuzu Bailey


What top 5 Christmas list would be complete without having this classic on it. A film that has stood the test of time with it‘s very relative life lesson that speaks to people of all ages, this is truly a must watch this Christmas season. Another movie that has contributed numerous quotable moments to society, I feel every person young and old should take the time to watch and re-watch  until the moral of the story really sinks in.

(No. 1) Nation Lampoons Christmas Vacation “Can I refill your eggnog? Get you something to eat, drive you into the middle of nowhere, and leave you for dead?” — Clark Griswold


Often recreated never duplicated, this is the quintessential holiday family comedy. National Lampoon really hit the nail on the head with this one. By far Chevy Chase’s best performance in the series, delivering some of the most oft parroted one liners in cinematic history. As many Americans partake in the annual purge….er I mean “black Friday” shopping, me and my family will be home preparing the house for the coming visit from the fat man–and you better believe this holiday classic will be playing on repeat.

That’ll do it for the first ever edition of “Casey Picks 5.” Hoped you enjoyed the list, and if not, oh well. Feel free to comment below with what you agree or disagree with. It’s been real movie fans! Till next time!



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