Christopher Nolan has more than proven himself as acclaimed filmmaker. Yet to have any severe misses (the last 30 minutes of Interstellar notwithstanding), so when you hear that Nolan is making a new film, you have to get excited. Currently in the casting process for his upcoming World War II action thriller, Dunkirk, and Nolan has added a familiar face. Cillian Murphy will be reteaming with his Dark Knight trilogy, and Inception helmer for the upcoming project. Murphy joins fellow Inception star Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance. The film takes chronicles the evacuation of Dunkirk during the British military operation that saved 330,000 lives as Allied soldiers were surrounded by German forces.

While the core cast is filled with seasoned talent, Nolan has also incorporated some interesting newcomers to fill out the remainder of the supporting cast. Fionn Whitehead, Jack Lowden, Aneurin Barnard, and One Direction artist Harry Styles are all set to have substantial roles in the film. Nolan is shooting the film in IMAX, and we should all prepare for at least on more familiar face to join the cast, Michael Caine, who has been in nearly every Nolan film. The film is set to start shooting in May and is currently slated for a July 21st 2017 release.