Your weekly guide to all the biggest movies releasing in theaters and VOD, and whether or not to see it based on the 2 way rating system of either “No Bro” or “Go Bro.” With the goal of trying to separate the upcoming films into two categories including:

Wide Release; The films opening nationwide, likely the easiest films to find.

Indie Release; The best low budget independent films opening at some smaller theaters.

So heres what’s opening at a theater near you this week


No surprises Furious 7 held on to the top spot for another week bringing its worldwide total over $1.1 billion. Paul Blart 2 slid into the number 2 spot miraculously pulling in $26.5 million in it’s first 5 days. Unfriended rounded out the top 3 pulling in a cool $16 million on a shoestring budget. Here’s what’s opening this week.


Wide Release

The Age of Adaline


The story of Adeline Bowman, the woman who has remained 29 for almost eight decades. Starring Blake Lively as the title character, also featuring the great Harrison Ford, The Age of Adaline is marketed as a melodrama than spans generations. These type of films can go one of two ways. They can either be epic sweeping stories that speak to audiences of all walks of life, or they can be whiney dramatic love stories that have little to say. Bro Knows thinks this one could be the former.

Go Bro!


Little Boy


Billed as the heartwarming story of a young boy who will do anything to bring his dad home from WWII. Starring Michael Rapaport, Emily Watson, Jakob Salvati and Kevin James. The trailers for this one have been iffy at best and the cast is nothing to write home about. All in all Little boy has all the makings of a manipulative movie trying it’s best to get some cheap teary eyed moments out of it’s audience to mask it’s inefficiencies as a movie.

No Bro!


Indie Release


The Water Diviner


An Australian man in search of his three missing sons, travels to post war Turkey in hopes of reuniting with them. This is Russel Crowe’s directorial debut, and to star and direct is no simple task. The trailer for the film has this as a sweeping post war epic and Crowe looks incredible as per usual. The word on this film is seemingly split, but Crowe is said to put in a phenomenal performance and is a proficient director perhaps in need of better material to work with.

Go Bro!


Adult Beginners


Nick Kroll finally makes his way to the big screen in this family comedy. Playing a young start up entrepreneur that loses everything, and is then forced to seek refuge with his estranged sister, played by Rose Byrne. The cast seems solid, but the movie just looks and feels too much like the recent Skeleton Twins, starring the more capable Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig. Certainly this film will have it’s moments but overall it doesn’t seem like it will hit it’s mark.

No Bro!


DVD/VOD Pick of The Week



The powerfully dramatic true story of Martin Luther King and the march from Selma, Alabama. This is a must watch people.

There you have it folks! All the latest films opening this week. Which ones are you excited for, if any? Keep an eye out for all the reviews and movie news for the Bros and Bro-ettes.