Your weekly guide to all the biggest movies releasing in theaters and VOD, and whether or not to see it based on the 2 way rating system of either “No Bro” or “Go Bro.” With the goal of trying to separate the upcoming films into two categories including:

Wide Release; The film’s opening nationwide, likely the easiest films to find.

Indie Release; The best low budget independent films opening at some smaller theaters.

So heres what’s opening at a theater near you this week


It’s been a minute since we have had a chance to do a coming soon post here at Bro Knows, and for that we are sorry. So to get back into it this week we have some big time surprises in terms of box office. Pitch Perfect 2 comes in first making $70 million dollars over it’s opening weekend. Coming in second is the new Mad Max Fury Road racing in with a respectable $45 million dollars. To round out the top 3 we have the powerhouse that is Avengers: Age of Ultron roping in another massive $38 million, bringing its 3 week total to a whopping $372 million. With some big time movies this week it remains to be seen who take the top spot after the weekend is all said and done.

Wide Release



Disney is back at with some cool non superhero fun for us all. With Britt Robertson and George Clooney, the cast looks great and all the images coming out make this look like a sci-fi fun. It would be no shock if Tomorrowland took the top spot for the weekend box office, but with stiff competition lingering from last week that’s no guarantee. If you’re looking for a big spectacle with fun characters then look no further then Tomorrowland.

Go Bro!



Remakes are always a difficult thing to gage. It’s no easy task to duplicate the magic of a classic film in any genre. That being said Poltergeist has massive shoes to fill. Were talking Shaq sized shoes, but the trailers look solid and give us hope. The one thing that pumps this movie up to an opening weekend must see is Sam Rockwell. Everything that guy is in is pure gold, so on that fact alone this is a must see. Poltergeist is a horror classic and it’s tough to think they are going to build upon the glory of the original. If you manage expectations and just see this film for what it is then there is a chance you could walk out satisfied, but then again this could also completely suck.

Go Bro!

Indie Release



Meh. That’s what comes to mind when reading the synopsis and seeing the trailer. Looking very paint by number Aloft is the story a mother and son estranged after a traumatic event when a journalist catalyzes the reuniting of the two, who have gone down different paths. There could be a lot of heart here, and Cillian Murphy is usually pretty solid as is Jennifer Connolly. There just seems to be something missing here, it has the feel of a film incomplete. Getting very existential, it’s clear they want to play on the draw of the distressed family dynamic but it all looks very bland.

No Bro!

Sunshine Superman


A heart racing documentary on Carl Boenish, the father of base jumping. Giving an inside look into the man that defied human nature to jump off stuff that no normal human being should ever want to in the name of adrenaline. This doc has all the making of greatness, from an amazing subject and interesting people, to terrific visuals. Sunshine Superman looks like a wild ride all the way down.

Go Bro!

DVD/VOD pick of the week!



A superbly sharp drama nominated for an oscar and currently at 99% on Rotten Tomatoes!

There you have it folks! All the latest films opening this week. Which ones are you excited for, if any? Keep an eye out for all the reviews and movie news for the Bros and Bro-ettes.