Your weekly guide to all the biggest movies releasing in theaters and VOD, and whether or not to see it based on the 2 prong rating system of either “No Bro” or “Go Bro.” With the goal of trying to separate the upcoming films into two categories including:

Wide Release; The films opening nationwide, likely the easiest films to find.

Indie Release; The best low budget independent films opening at some smaller theaters.

So heres what’s opening at a theater near you this week


Wide Release

Furious 7 has a solid chance at holding the top spot for the third straight week. With little to challenge that top spot, I’m sure this is the week we enter it into the lauded billion dollar box office club.

Paul Blart Mall Cop


Kevin James is back at it again! If you saw the first Paul Blart film, why? No seriously though, like was it on a dare? did you accidentally walk into the wrong theater? Look, Kevin James is a really funny guy. He was great in Here Comes The Boom, and solid in Hitch, but other than that, he has been in a slew of awful and unfunny movies. So who exactly is this movie for? Were there a lot of fans rabidly hounding for a sequel? I just don’t get it, but they made it, and I’m sure some people will go see it, but if you listen to this site at all, hopefully that poor someone won’t be you.

No Bro!



Who wants to watch a horror movie that takes place entirely in a chat room? Unfriended follows a group of teenagers hauled together in a chat room with some sort of evil entity, possibly the ghost of a former shamed friend, whom committed suicide. One by One the friends are hunted or haunted by this entity. This one looks like Ouija, if Ouija were even worse and made for even less money. My biggest issue with films like this is in the marketing. I mean just watch the trailer! They show the whole movie in 2 minutes! We see who makes it till the end! Why?!

No Bro!

Indie Release

Child 44


Following a disgraced military officer in Tom Hardy, as he investigates a series of child murders in cold war Soviet Union. Starring Hardy, Gary Oldman, and Noomi Rapace, this one is not short on talent. The story is  intriguing, but this movie had me buying in when I saw the cast. The trailer is solid, creating a noir thriller atmosphere that will hopefully keep you on the edge of your seat. To be honest though, i’d pay 10 bucks to watch Tom Hardy take a crap for two hours, he is that good!

Go Bro!

True Story


The new James Franco and Jonah Hill thriller that centers on Michael Finkel and Christian Longo. Longo is an FBI most wanted serial murderer that for years lived under Michael Finkel’s, a journalist’, identity. This movie appears to be an incredible cat and mouse game, with tremendous talent attached. Franco and Hill are mostly known for their comedic performances, but they are also just plain talented. I mean did you realize that Hill has been nominated for an Oscar.. Twice! Add in Felicity Jones (Theory of Everything) and count me in for this chilling take on a “true story.”

Go Bro!


DVD/VOD spotlight



The film that got Jennifer Aniston an Oscar nom is now available on DVD! It actually is a solid film and Aniston is like you’ve never seen her before.

There you have it folks! All the latest films opening this week. Which ones are you excited for, if any? Keep an eye out for all the reviews and movie news for the Bros and Bro-ettes.