Rapper turned actor, Common, has slowly been putting together a solid credits list through the years. Ever since his stint on Smokin’ Aces, he has shown that his talents extend beyond the mic, and has become a commodity actor. His latest role will insert him into the DC cinematic universe as a Monster T, a character in cahoots with the Joker, in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Coming off of the negative and divisive response from Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, fans are looking to David Ayer’s band of misfit heroes to be the project that rights the ship for Warner Brothers.

Recently Common had some comments about his role and the film, during a press junket for Barbershop: The Next Cut, Common had this to say about why he wanted to be apart of the Suicide Squad movie:

“Common:  I just knew that world was a gritty comic book world that I haven’t seen. I feel like, with so many comic book movies being made, I wanted to be a part of one of the ones that is special. Obviously, you want the box office and those things, but I want to be a part of the special movies. And if I’m going to be a part of a comic movie, I don’t want it to just be the same story, where you can just place the new name and it’s the same story that you see. I’ve gotta say, one of the major reasons I knew it would be something cool and could be special is (director) David Ayer. I love his work. I got to work with him on Street Kings, but then I watched End of Watch and the dude is good, man.

I was excited about working with him, being a movie with Will Smith and Viola Davis and Jared Leto, and playing opposite The Joker. I was like, “God, this is going to be exciting!” And I had a couple days to leave Barbershop to go do that, and it was funny ‘cause when I came back, there were pictures from the internet of my character with all these tattoos on his head and I was looking like Dennis Rodman. But, it worked out and I’m grateful to be a part of it. I think Suicide Squad could be a story told in a new way.”

Confirming that he is not a part of the tonal reshoots for the film, Common also talked a little about co-star Jared Leto and his special brand of method acting.

“I believe in that. Whatever way is necessary for you to be that person, so that you can let go and see The Joker, I love that. From the time I stepped on the set, I was my character and he was his character. There was no in between. It wasn’t like, “Hey, man, how’s your family doing?”

I saw him at the Oscars, and I saw Margot Robbie, too. It was almost the first time meeting each other. With Margot, it was a little different. But I was standing in my space, being the character, so I love that Jared Leto was doing that. The scene we have, we definitely were totally improving a lot of stuff, with some of it. Some of it, we got to improv on, but I don’t know what they’ll keep. When you’re in that space, where another actor is that person, you can just live and let it be. I was really grateful. The was one of my most fun and invigorating experiences, as an actor, with the scene I had with Jared Leto, or The Joker.”

So what do you guys make of Commons comments? Are You excited for Suicide Squad? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.