Amidst success beyond his wildest imagination, and on the heels of the juggernaut that enveloped close to two years of his life, the appropriate response would be to take a break, but JJ Abrams is a man on a mission. Behind the scenes, quietly and carefully, Abrams constructed and produced a sequel to one of his more successful properties. Last month the first trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane dropped in front of 13 Hours and left a gaggle of moviegoers scratching their heads. This movie was made and shot under a different title all in an effort to preserve the secrecy surrounding it. When the trailer premiered, speculation grew and the internet was buzzing. We are now just 2 short weeks from seeing a film, whose first piece of marketing came about in January, and who no one knew was being made at all. There is still very little known about 10 Cloverfield Lane, other than some vague comments by Abrams and the stars of the film, but we do know that it shares more than just a title with it’s predecessor. How much more is the question we look forward to having answered on opening night. Abrams was recently discussing the film and it became evident that this movie is not where he wants this story to end.

When speaking with EW, Abrams declined elaborating on the relationship between this movie and the original Cloverfield and instead offered up some other information as a consolation. Abrams mentioned what they might like to do if 10 Cloverfield Lane is a success by saying:

I think [categorizing them] would be presumptuous, because we’re talking about this movie and comparing it to Cloverfield, but I would be lying if I didn’t say there was something else that, if we’re lucky enough to do it, could be really cool that connects some stories.”

The big rumor is that 10 Cloverfield Lane is just an attempt to set up a larger Twilight Zone style universe where we allow for many different strange stories and events that reside in the same world. The prevailing wisdom is that this is going to be a direct sequel to the original, but be  confined version told from a different perspective. The story centers on a woman who wakes up in a bunker with the man who put her there and another stranger he claims to have saved. She has no recollection of how she got there, but the man tells her that the world has ended and there is a danger topside. We still don’t know what that danger is exactly, and maybe it’s the Cloverfield monster, or maybe something entirely different. So what happens if 10 Cloverfield Lane is a success? Well Abrams plans on doing another movie, recently saying:

“This is just this movie, and it’s only two films that we’re talking about right now. There is something else that we’d like to do, and hopefully we’ll get a shot.”

The movie was made on a very modest budget with a small cast and takes place almost exclusively in one room, so the definition of success for the movie is not the same as most. There is a very good chance this film could be very successful and spawn a number of sequels with small budgets and big concepts that reap reasonable profits. Only time will tell, but it won’t be much time since 10 Cloverfield Lane is set to hit theaters on March 11th.

So what do you guys think of Abrams comments? Are you excited for 10 Cloverfield Lane? Drop a comment and let know what you think.

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