Rampant speculation is also fun in the film verse, and fewer films, outside of the DC universe, have illicit more of that than Deadpool. With all the hype around the departure of Tim Miller as director, and the crazy picture of Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Pierce Brosnan that hit the gram a while back, and now most recently, the rumors swirling about potential casting news for Domino, Deadpool is definitely staying relevant. It was speculated that Janelle Monae was the frontrunner for the vixen badass, but it appears reports of her casting were greatly exaggerated, as a new from runner has emerged in the form of Atlanta star, Zazie Beetz.

The tv show on FX, Atlanta, has been a springboard for success, as Donald Glover nabbed the role of Lando in the upcoming Han Solo movie, Lakeith Stanfield continues to gain momentum, most recently for his work in Get Out and Sundance hit, Crown Heights. Now Beetz will take her turn to hit the big screen while the critically acclaimed show is on hiatus until 2018. The news broke late yesterday when The Tracking Board’s Jeff Schneider tweeted out this:

Which was later followed up by Ryan Reynolds tweeting the following:

While no official announcement has been made by Fox, it appears Beetz is the likely candidate for the role. While this may seem deflating for those hoping Monae was going to be cast, Beetz feels like a better fit for this universe, as she is no stranger to dry, sarcastic humor. For those who may not be aware of who Domino is exactly, she was first introduced in X-Force in 1992. The blue-eyed, black-haired beauty has a rather interesting power, one that manifests without her conscious control and affects the situation unfolding around her in seemingly random ways that make things more favorable for her.

If this does in fact get confirmed by Fox, this should be another positive puzzle piece sliding into place for the sequel everyone is waiting for. What do you guys think of Beetz as Domino?