Deadpool opened this Valentine’s weekend to high expectations. Fox was tracking the film’s box office pre release at around $65-70 million for the opening weekend not including the presidents day extended weekend numbers. That number, or anything near it would have had the execs elated, given the R-rating and the fact that it’s a February release on Valentine’s day weekend. Thursday nights numbers began to roll in and the hype train started rolling from the station. The word of mouth from the public was electric, and everyone wanted to get to the theater to see what everyone was buzzing about. Something happened Thursday, Deadpool opened to much bigger than expected numbers, with an  incredible $12.5 million on a pre-release night. At this point the studio is popping champagne bottles knowing their early predictions were likely right on par. The were on their way to a solid opening weekend.

The temperatures begin to drop, but Deadpool was just warming up. Friday was the official opening day for the film, and with the buzz at it’s peak, the film exploded and the dollars poured in. $47 million later and Deadpool is now on pace to crack the $100 million mark. This raunchy little superhero film with an R-rating now had it’s sights set on breaking the February opening weekend box office record, and becoming the highest opening weekend for an R-rated film. With a production budget of $58 million, Deadpool was going to enter into profitable by weekends end. Saturday was expected to keep a chunk of the momentum alive, but perhaps it would begin to slow and the numbers would dip into the low 30’s especially with competition for the holiday in How to Be Single. The film did dip but only mere $5 million, with an incredible Saturday total of $42 million. Deadpool was now projected to reach R-rating (formerly The Matrix Reloaded $91 million) and highest opening weekend in February (Formerly 50 Shades of Grey $85 million). Sunday happened and even on the lover’s holiday Deadpool found an audience, climbing back up to a massive $45 million.

When the dust settled it was clear that Deadpool had reached the mountaintop. A well deserved showing this weekend, the final number have the film at just over $135 million for the opening weekend. it has broken a number of records, and has captured the attention of mass audiences. The was lightning in a bottle, and the creative team as well as the marketing team behind this incredible feat of comic book filth deserve every ounce of credit. They created a movie that perfectly encapsulates the true essence of the source material. The overall numbers that include its foreign take are at a massive $260 million. The sky’s the limit, and who knows what will happen with Deadpool 2, all we know right now is, Deadpool is the king this weekend, and it’s well deserved.

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