There is no question, Deadpool is one of the most anticipated films of 2015. The masterful marketing campaign has built up rampant excitement for the otherwise little known anti-hero Xmen character, and we just canโ€™t get enough of it. The biggest fear has been the idea that the film will not live up to the hype. The concern is that, with a marketing campaign this good, can the film keep pace? Well we may have our answer to that question now. Fans in New York and LA were given the opportunity to see what they thought would be some preview footage of the fim, but instead they were treated to a screening of the entire movie followed by Q and A with the director and stars. The initial response from the select group of fans is insanely positive. Fans coming out of the screening are praising the film, and these are admittedly potentially biased responses from individuals who are followers of the source material, but there is no denying the excitement here.

Ryan Reynolds attended the New York screening to meet with fans, while a bulk of the cast was back in LA, including director Tim Miller, to do a Q and A after the showing. Deadpool has been a passion project for Miller and Reynolds ever since Reynolds played the merc with a mouth in X Men Origins: Wolverine, where they sewed the characters mouth shut. Setting out to give fans a more faithful representation of the character they fought hard to get the film they wanted to make made, and apparently succeeded. Reynolds is playing the title character and the film got the hard R rating it deserves. Hoping to pave the way for other films and sequels, Deadpool has been slowly gathering steam in an incredibly witty and graphic marketing campaign leading up to the film’s release next month. The goal is to be a pioneer for niche films in the comic book film genre and open the door for some other similar films that studios may have otherwise shied away from.

Check out the fan response coming out of the screening!

So what do you guys make of the early response from the first screenings? You guys more or less excited for Deadpool now? Drop and comment and tell us what you think.

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