Yesterday was a very dark day for super hero fans, namely Deadpool fans. The news that DeadPool director, Tim Miller, had exited the sequel amidst rumors of creative differences between him and star Ryan Reynolds tore through us all like a bad case of the flu. knowing that the brainchild behind one of the year’s best and most surprising films had broken up, the only thing left to know is why? Why did Miller have to depart the project? And why did Reynolds and him not see eye to eye? What the hell happened!? Well, thanks to Umberto Gonzalez over at Heroic Hollywood, we now have some answers to the why.

Umberto reported the following late yesterday:

“The departure was “amicable,” a studio source said, though we’ve heard elsewhere that Reynolds and Miller have had a contentious relationship for quite a while now. The two haven’t had much of a relationship since the first “Deadpool” was released, not even speaking for long periods of time.”

Nothing about this would give the impression of an amicable split. Pardon our French, but this sucks ass. This duo produced one of the most wonderfully self referential and comedic action films we’ve seen this side of the 2000’s, and it’s being squandered over two egos not being able to sort out some differences on set. Gonzalez did go onto to say that Reynold’s contract renegotiation took longer than Miller liked, and Reynolds also gained full creative casting control over the film as well. This apparently did not sit well with Miller. There was also some contention over the direction of the sequel. Apparently, Miller wanted a more stylized approach, and Reynolds wanted to stay the course with the same raunch as the original.

The final straw may have been over a specific casting issue that Umberto details by saying:

“The casting issue also eventually came to a head over the possible booking of Kyle Chandler in the sequel. Mashable movie reporter Jeff Sneider first reported Chandler’s potential involvement with the “Deadpool” sequel during a “Meet the Movie Press” podcast, saying that the actor’s name has been “floating around for Cable for months.” Allegedly, Miller wanted the “Bloodline” star to play Cable, though Reynolds did not. Ultimately, the studio backed its marketable star, and the man behind the camera packed up his lenses.”

This one stings all the more, since Chandler is such a talent, and would have been inspired casting for the role of Cable. These creative differences, were not so much differences, as they were a chasm. These two just seemed to have wildly different approaches to the direction of the franchise, and it makes sense for the studio to stand behind the very marketable star that is Ryan Reynolds, while Miller picks up his lenses and goes home.

Hopefully Fox can nab a new director ASAP, and one with the talent and satirical wit that can helm the project and steer it in the right direction. All we know right now is that this really sucks, like hard.

What do you guys make of the news surrounding Miller’s exit? Who do you think should take over? Drop a comment and let us know. Also check out our DeadPool review by clicking HERE!