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If Fantastic Beasts wasn’t pokemon enough for you then there is good news on the horizon! Recently Legendary Pictures was able to nab the film rights to Pokemon, stirring the speculation soup regarding when we might finally get a live action version of the fabled TV and video game franchise that has engulfed today’s youth. Well the answer to that question is coming a lot sooner than initially expected.

The helmer of the R.L.Stein adapted Goosebumps movie, Rob Letterman, is going from managing creepy monsters, to battle hardened and adorable pokemon. He’s been tapped to direct the live action Detective Pikachu movie. Yes that is correct, no need to reread that last sentence-my confuddled friend, we are getting a Detective Pikachu movie. Why you ask? That is clearly not important, and as ridiculous as this sounds, keep in mind that we are also getting movies based around IP’s like Minecraft and Tetris too. So at this point it has been determined that you can actually make a movie about anything, as long as it was popular at one point. Can’t wait to see which studio does the Furby or Tamagotchi movies!

Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch have been enlisted to pen the script for a movie that will see everyone’s favorite yellow rat–donning a sherlock holmes cap, magnifying glass, and espresso, while solving little pokechu mysteries. This has to be a sign of the apocalypse. So for everyone who was hoping for a live action version of the television series or animated films, you can kick rocks because Detective Pikachu is taking precedent.

This screams of cash grab, trying to capitalize on the Pokemon Go phenomenon which blew up this past summer and has since fallen off the popularity cliff. It was seriously the penultimate fad for cellphones in 2016, but like Flappy Bird before it, it was over just as it started.

No additional details surrounding the films release have surfaced yet, so we will have to wait to catch them all, which has become impossible thanks to the infinite amount of critters that inhabit the pokeverse.