You can’t make this stuff up! Yes Someone has officially decided that a new Oliver Twist film was not only necessary, but that Ice Cube needed to be a part of it. Teaming up with Hamilton director Tommy Kail, it appears Disney determined that a modernization was in order, and that it has to be a musical.

Cube is set to produce along with Marc Platt, who has produced recent musicals like Into The Woods, La La Land, and the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns. This appears to be the next in line of the myriad of musical adaptations to classics stories, and the latest in a long line of Twist adaptations originally penned by Dickens. This isn’t even Disney’s first run at the classic, in 1988 they made Oliver and Company. Between various film and stage renditions, Twist is one of the most widely arranged stories in entertainment.

This new iteration will see Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz pair up to write a treatment that is described by THR as “crossing many genres, including hip-hop.” Not really sure how to take that, but of the recent Annie remake is any indication, they need to nip this in the bud, now. Not only will Cube produce, but he’s also attached to play Fagan, the crook who recruits Oliver into his pickpocket gang. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from this project, but the early news isn’t too endearing. Disney is behind this, and there is plenty of talent here, but this idea just sounds a little absurd.

So what do you guys think of an Ice Cube produced modernized Oliver Twist? Drop a comment and let us know.