No secret that Disney has been revisiting it’s most famous animated features to reimagine them in live action. We started with Alice in Wonderland, moved to Maleficent, then on to Cinderella, and now Alice Through The Looking Glass will open this year, with Beauty and the Beast to Come in the near future. So what could be next for the magic mouse? Well the answer might be a little surprising. Disney has been discussing the idea of a Rose Red film. The Grimm fairy tales feature a story of Snow White and Rose Red. In the Disney reimagining we will see Rose Red and Snow White written as sisters, and in a twist, when Snow white slips into her food coma from her poison apple, it will be Rose Red who goes on a quest to seek a cure to her ailment with the seven dwarves.

A Rose Red script was already written by Justin Merz, which did not include Snow White, but The new pitch from Evan Daugherty (Snow White and The Huntsman, Huntsman: Winter’s War) would feature Red and White together as siblings. This new version would certainly be interesting as it would free up the filmmakers ti sort of produce the movie they want as opposed to being held to the Disney animated film as source material. Also this new twist would keep the focus on the strength of female characters. Instead of a prince coming to Snow White’s rescue, Her sister Red would likely play the heroine in this tale.

THR reports that the new script idea would feature Rose Red in a pivotal role that would take precedence in the latter half of the film, shifting focus from Snow White and the Prince to Rose Red and the Dwarves.

So what do you guys think of the idea behind a Snow White and Rose Red movie? Drop a comment and let know what you think.