John Wick Dog.jpg

The first clip from the highly anticipated John Wick Chapter 2 is here and it features a canine companion that if any one hurts will incur the wrath of John Wick and audiences worldwide! For those that may not be aware, the first John Wick featured arguably the most adorable puppy in cinematic history only to see us all destroyed when a heartless bastard murders the pup in cold blood, which served as the lynchpin to the mayhem that ensued. At the  end of the film, john has seemingly found a new furry little friend, but there was some concern as to whether that little guy would make his way to the sequel, and even more concern that the little guy might not survive the action.

The clip is pretty short and doesn’t give away much, but it is still a fun little rid bit into the movie. It shows our titular character as he arrives at the famous hotel for the original and learns that dogs are not allowed past the from desk.

Check out the clip below. John Wick Chapter 2 is set to hit theaters February 10th and stars Keanu ReevesCommonRiccardo ScamarcioLaurence FishburneRuby RoseBridget MoynahanLance ReddickFranco Nero, with John Leguizamo, and Ian McShane.