Video game movies have been the bane of hollywood for more than a hot second. Most recently, Assassins Creed created widespread disappointment to gamers everywhere that were hoping for a solid and faithful adaptation one of their favorites. Well Tomb Raider is hoping to turn things around and it all started with casting the insanely talented Alicia Vikander. Production is finally underway on the upcoming Warner Bros reboot and we now have our first images from set, which show Vikander as the tomb raiding badass, Lara Croft.

Check out the photos below!

The new film is directed by the Norwegian auteurist Roar Uthaug (The Wave) and also stars Walton Goggins as villain Father Mathias Vogel, Daniel Wu as ship captain Lu ren, and Dominic West as Croft’s father Lord Richard Croft. Angelina Jolie previously played the famed Lara Croft in 2 prior films, but Goggins recently described his excitement by saying:

“I’m just so excited about it! I’m such a big fan of Alicia and this director, Roar [Uthaug]. Quite honestly, the script feels like it’s already been in the world, in some ways. The structure and the foundation of this story is so solid and so interesting. It’s so unbelievably entertaining, and yet it’s real in the journey that it takes you on. And this person that I get to play is confused and angry and desperate. I’m just looking forward to getting in his head. I’m really, really, really excited about it.”

The new Tomb Raider film is set to release on March 16th, 2018.