First look, Johnny Depp in Black Mass

Black Depp

Finally! Johnny Depp strips off the makeup and silly costumes for a role he can actually sink his teeth into. Black Mass looks like the type of movie we’ve been waiting years or. Reminiscent of Donnie Brasco, which also featured Johnny Depp, this movie is a raw heist film.

Depp has struggled of late with some not so sold performances in even worse movies. From the last two Pirates of The Caribbean films, to his most recent Mortdecai (just the worst), he is having a bit of a career lull. His eccentric roles were fantastic at first, but Depp has worn out his welcome with a slew of campy performances. It’s time for Depp to get back to his roots and do a feature sans the goofy outfits and makeup.

Black Mass should provide a return to form for Depp, pairing him with a great director in Scott Cooper, and an amazing cast. Alongside Depp we will get Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch and Dakota Johnson. With this kind of cast how could this film go wrong? Below is the image from the film, credit to  Entertainment Weekly for the picture.

Black Depp
While this is just an image there was also some footage previewed at cinemacon this past weekend and it generated a ton of positive buzz for the film and Depp. Depp’s talents have been wasted in poor movies of late, but this movie has the all the makings of a saving grace. Director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart, Out of The Furnace) is the right man to get the best performance out of his cast (he directed Jeff Bridges to an Oscar win). Below is a synopsis for the upcoming Black Mass.

John Connolly and James “Whitey” Bulger grew up together on the streets of South Boston. Decades later, in the late 1970s, they would meet again. By then, Connolly was a major figure in the FBI’s Boston office and Whitey had become godfather of the Irish Mob. What happened between them – a dirty deal to trade secrets and take down Boston’s Italian Mafia in the process – would spiral out of control, leading to murders, drug dealing, racketeering indictments, and, ultimately, to Bulger making the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List.

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