Deadpool has us here at Bro Knows over the moon about the possibilities. With Ryan Reynolds and Fox committing to the hard R rating this will be the first superhero movie in the new modern era with an R rating. Fox has certainly taken a chance but they believe in Reynolds who has been championing this project for quite some time. A little while back we got our first images from the set, but now we have our first official image released.

Check out the image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

ew dead

Sure we’ve seen other images mostly from Ryan Reynolds himself, but the this is the first studio image and it is HD and beautiful. It gives us an incredible look at the suit up close and personal. There is a lot of buzz surrounding this film so far and it’s nice to see that Fox seems to be throwing a lot support behind it. While we haven’t gotten much it’s likely due to Comic-Con coming up this weekend, the word is that Fox will drop some some serious info in their hall H panel for the film and maybe we’ll even get some footage or a trailer!! With Comic-Con this weekend it’s bound to be a slow news week since most studios are going to save the big news for the panels. Keep your eyes out for Bro Knows to do our best at bringing you up to date Comic-Con news!

So what do you guys out in Bro Nation think of the official image? Are you excited for the Deadpool movie? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.